Pet Adoption

Adopt and Foster a Pet!

Fostering, Wohoo! Deb D’Andrea Nederland, CO I’m excited to share that by the time you’re reading this I may have a little Foster puppy staying with Tiki, Bear ...

Pachyderm, Elephant who’s counting!

Bonding with pachyderms Barbara Lawlor Nederland Imagine sitting in a car for 20 hours in 100-degree heat waiting for something to happen, not wanting to make a sound, peeing in a ...
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When dogs bite

Deb D’Andrea Nederland this dog has never bitten anyoneThe dog in the Picture, Outlaw has never bitten anyone. Any dog can bite regardless of size or breed, and sometimes it’s ...
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Preventing dog bites – What to do?

Deb D’Andrea Nederland Each year 4.7 million dog bites are recorded in the United States, of that, 800,000 receive medical care with 83 percent of bites not resulting in any injury. ...
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Dog Food – Yes!
Deb D’Andrea

Dog Food – Yes!
Deb D’Andrea 4 The Luv Of Dogz
 Nederland, CO I’ve written here before about good food you can feed your pups as an alternative or supplement to what you currently ...