The 2015 Nederland High School Volleyball Team
Top, from left: Coach Brian Gioia, Breegan McClish, Jessica Gloe, Karen Sorokach, Mazie Pancoast, Bree Mendez, Hattie Bakke, Katie Jewell, and Coach Shelby Nation. Middle row, from left: Nicole Silva, Addie Jacoby, Brie Sineni, Chloe Lindstrom, Sofie Anderson, and Sara Dove. Bottom row, from left: Nikki Farris, Sam Malick, Destiny Beal, Nevaeh Lajudice, and Tobiah Nagle. Not pictured: Hanna Woods.

NHS netters begin promising season

The 2015 Nederland High School Volleyball TeamTop, from left: Coach Brian Gioia, Breegan McClish, Jessica Gloe, Karen Sorokach, Mazie Pancoast, Bree Mendez, Hattie Bakke, Katie Jewell, ...
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Tech Trends: Windows 10 Advice

Gail Eddy, Nederland.  A few weeks ago, I asked Chris about Windows 10. Should I upgrade right away, or wait awhile?  What should I tell our customers and readers of the blog? His ...
The Mountain Bike team
Nederland has joined the Colorado High School Cycling League and will race against 70 other teams from around the state. There will be four high school races before the state championship in Eagle, Colorado.  Back row, from left: Coach Greg Guevara, Coach Mark Mabbett, Brannen Schrader, Brandon Schreiner, Jose Garcia-Upczak, Chris Francis, Jacob DeLong, and  Coach Scott Sanders. Front row, from left: Eve Colton, Oliver Vernon, Michael Crapsey, Tom Shankey, Matt McGregor, Hunter Harless, Hatcher Edmonson, Parker Newby, Quinn Boutot, and Coach Sean Boutot.

NMSHS mountain bikers unite

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  Thousands of plains people scramble over our mountain bike trails every summer, searching for the perfect high-altitude Rocky Mountain experience of ascending ...
first day pledge

NES begins with a peal

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  At first it seemed like chaos. The buses lumbered in, the students clambered out, clutching armfuls of bags, leaning forward against the weight of the packs ...
arwen sweet yellow clover

Wild weed walk in the woods

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  This is the time of year when the mountain meadows and forests are their most fragrant and flowerful. Blooms have just passed their peak, with many already ...

Read in Ned : Out Where the West Begins

Tom Lambrecht, Nederland.  One of the more pleasant duties for the Nederland Library staff is to keep up-to-date with our collection, particularly with the new book section, as those ...

Naturally Speaking: “That’s Pretty Swift”

Dave Hallock, Eldora.  As their name implies, “swifts” are fast-flying birds. In fact, they are considered to have the swiftest flight among small birds. They probably ...

Diabetes & Your Pet

Deb D’Andrea, Nederland.  Amazingly, approximately one in 400 dogs and cats get diabetes, with most dogs being Type-1 and cats being Type-2.  Initial symptoms are weight loss, and ...

Gilpin Library Footnotes : An estate, a ship, and forgiveness

Larry Grieco, Librarian.   Stuart Woods has written nearly 30 “Stone Barrington” novels over a long and successful career. His latest is called Insatiable Appetites, and has the ...
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