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Mile High League Championship

When the Mile High League Championship started on Friday, Nederland Middle Senior High School was enveloped in a cold grey mist. Athletes from down below gathered inside the gymnasium, ...

Take time to thank them

It is National Police Week. Most of us think of our law enforcement officers and hope they don’t catch us speeding, walking our dogs off leash or crossing outside the Nedestrian ...
good overall shot

Beware of springtime black ice

Barbara Lawlor A firefighter held her hand. After the slide, the flight, the crash, the panic, the arrival of help, the ambulance, the hospital, and the recovery, Mona Crowe looks ...

My Kitty and Wildlife

by Deb D’Andrea 4TheLuvOfDogz The domestic cat is one of the most efficient hunters and can have an amazing impact on wildlife, especially mammals, birds and even butterflies.  Research ...
Ned Clean-Up Day

Ned Clean-Up Day

Ned Clean-Up Day 2013 collected 22,750lbs of material. I’m not exactly sure why, but Ned Clean-Up Day is one of my favorite days of the year. Typically the first Saturday after ...

Community Calendar

Community Calendar, provided by Gail Eddy and Geek For Hire, Inc.

Applauding the Health Fair

Dear Editor, Another successful 9Health Fair has come and gone. Last year, my neighbor Rik from the Boulder Sheriffs Department drew my blood sample for lab tests and this year the ...

Kudos to after-prom organizers

Dear Editor, I wanted to compliment the organizers of the after prom party at the Connections, on the CU Campus.  I was so very impressed with how much thought and care went into making ...