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Naturally Speaking : The summer that was

Dave Hallock, Eldora. This year’s growing season started out with high hopes of lushness, based on abundant late winter and early spring moisture, but Mother Nature had other plans. ...
Selasphorus rufus hummer

Naturally Speaking : Staying Connected

Dave Hallock, Eldora.  The concept of maintaining “habitat connectivity” has received recent attention. During this past winter the television series NOVA had a program that focused ...
tussock moth

Colorado Forest Health

Irene Shonle, Director CSU Extension in Gilpin County.  The 2015 Report on the Health of Colorado’s Forests from the Colorado State Forest Service is out. As always, there are fluctuations ...

Did I see a bobcat or a lynx?

Irene Shonle, Director CSU Extension, Gilpin County.   Have you spotted a large cat while looking out your window or driving down the road? It’s always a thrilling sight, and one ...
calf and young elk

Left behind, making friends

Barbara Lawlor, Boulder County. Last fall, when it was time to round up the Reynolds Ranch Open Space herd of cattle on Magnolia Road, one obstinate black calf chose not to go along ...

Living with Wildlife : Moose on the loose

Irene Shonle, Director CSU Extension in Gilpin County.     As most people are aware, our moose population is burgeoning. Moose only have twins when habitat is good, and if you see ...

Wild Side Photography

Another photo submission from mountain resident Janice Foster.   “We (husband and I) nicknamed him *Blackjack*.” Janice Foster   Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogleRedditPinterestTumblrPocketLinkedInEmailPrintLike ...

Wild Sild Photography

The following pictures were submitted Greg Joder. Thank you for submission Greg. If you would like to submit your photos to The Mountain-Ear, just contact us and send them in. They ...

WildSide Photo Submission

This is a beautiful picture of a sunset sent in by one of our readers. If you would like to submit a photo of your own, email our publisher directly at bhz@themountainear.com. We have ...
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