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Saws and Slaws celebrates 2015 season

Barbara Lawlor, Peak to Peak.   The dining room at Camp Wondervu was dotted with orange vests, the honored uniform of Saws and Slaws volunteers. It looked kind of like a Bronco Pep ...
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Bright light in the night : Forest Service begins burning slash piles

Barbara Lawlor, Boulder County.   This is the time of year when mountain residents are apt to see piles of slash burning in the forest service mitigation areas. As foresters watch ...
prescribed burn

Local firefighters participate in prescribed burn

Barbara Lawlor, Boulder County.   On Monday, firefighters from the Nederland Fire Protection District as well as from Timberline Fire Protection District joined other Boulder County ...
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Firewise Cleanup Checklist

Randy Lee, Nederland Firewise Action Committee. Did you ever wonder where the “Firewise” in the Nederland “Firewise Town Cleanup” came from? In 2013, the Town decided to seek ...

Spring Wildfire Preparedness and a Challenge

Irene Shonle, Director CSU Extension in Gilpin County. Even though we just got a beautifully wet spring snow, it’s time to think about getting ready for fire season. This early moisture ...

Free Branch Disposal and Spring Cleaning

Ryan Ludlow, Boulder County. The Nederland Community Forestry Sort Yard is now open for the season. You can drop off branches, logs, cut grass, raked up pine needles and noxious weeds ...
fm Planting

Forest health projects make communities resilient to wildfire

K. Reid Armstrong, U.S. Forest Service. Why did you cut trees that were green and healthy? Why did you cut so many trees in this one area? What about the animals that are living in ...
fire prepare

Wildfire preparedness

Rick Dirr, Nederland Fire Chief.  Wildfire preparedness is a bit like eating an elephant.  Likely, you worked mitigating trees, getting rid of beetle kill, low limbing the trees close ...
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Saws and Slaws: Award-winning work that builds community

CB Bassity, Peak to Peak. Sawzin-who? Saws and Slaws—it’s short for chainsaws and coleslaws, the defining features of a Saws and Slaws event. Once a month, if the weather ...
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