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Mountain Spirit Astrology : Destiny

Ineluctable fate is defined in astrology by the point of destiny, symbolized by the head of the dragon. The past is seen as the dragon’s tale. The head of the matter shows us where ...

Mountain Spirit Astrology

Vital Aries Aries is the vital first sign of the zodiac, and the start of Spring. This vigorous sign has as its ruling planet Mars, the symbol of energy and sports. Mars reverses every ...

Distant Star Astrology : Aries

Aries is the sign of the cult of the self and the cultivation of uniqueness. Aries begins the entire zodiac and introduces the Vernal Equinox. Spring arrives and with it the rebirth ...

Astrology : Pisces Line-Up

Six planets and points are packed up in the perfect perspicacious and peaceful sign of Pisces. The talent of this combined Pisces group is shared with us: he Sun is efficacious, Mercury ...

Mountain Spirit Astrology : Pisces

Karen Anderson, Peak to Peak.  Pisces swims to the center of the stars. The last sign of the zodiac is now first. The ruling planet for the fish is Neptune, who entered Pisces for ...

Astrology : Valentine

Aquarius started February with Candlemas, the half-way mark in the calendar between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Now the bearer of electric energy shares his romantic ...


Karen Anderson, Nederland. What would you like to learn? Sagittarius symbolizes all of the knowledge that our society and civilization encompasses. Perhaps you would like to learn ...

Mountain Spirit Astrology : New Moon Child

The new moon child experiences the new moon in Cancer on Wednesday, the 15th, on the 23rd day of the Sun’s visit to the sign. Cancer has brought Summer into the world and organized ...

Born on the Fourth

As a nephew of Uncle Sam, or a niece of Aunt Samantha, the sign of Cancer is a relative of families everywhere. Cancer is the sign of the mother, the motherland, and mother earth. The ...
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