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Gilpin Library Artists-In-Residence

Larry Grieco, Gilpin County.  The 2016 Artists-in-Residence were selected by the Gilpin County Public Library, and yes, there are two of them. Heather Carr and Danea Fidler, a team ...

Read in Ned : Summer fun at the Library

Celine Cooper, Nederland.  It’s hard to believe that while memories of snow are fresh in our minds, summer is just around the corner. For many people, summer is a time for vacations, ...
mia and mountains

Mia brings adult self to art

   Barbara Lawlor, Nederland. Mia Sole is the girl part of the Play-Ground Theater Company, which consists of herself and her partner Jeff Haycock, the guy part. But both of them ...

It’s Your Turn : ICE MINE

Jeannie Leigh January 27, 2016 “You’re a sissy!” called Eddie as he gave Willie a shove. “I am NOT” replied Willie as he dusted dirt from the seat of his pants. “Then ...

It’s Your Turn : Fifth Grade Poetry

Dark Silhouette of Shadows By Aiden Castleberry, 5th Grade All darkness is born to light and all dark power comes from the bright for the light will be welly restrained thou who brings ...
Cardinal Sin

It’s Your Turn : An Excerpt from Cardinal Sin

by Alexandra Armitage (Available on amazon) 1957 Cardinal, Colorado “Enough of this damn thing!” LeRoy shouted when the drill bit bound up and jammed. “Wrong tool for the job.” ...

Gilpin Library Footnotes

Larry Grieco, Librarian.  As is more and more common these days, a best-selling author dies and his or her work is carried on by another writer. When Stieg Larsson died, the renowned ...

Diversions : How to Fight a Bear

Mark Cohen, Peak to Peak.  Editor’s Note: With the return of warm weather to the Peak-to-Peak area, the bears are out in abundance. Area residents must know what to do in a bear ...

Read in Ned: Insiders and Outsiders

Tom Lambrecht, Nederland.  Insider (from Wikipedia): “A member of any group of people of limited number and generally restricted access. The term is used in the context of secret, ...
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