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Memorial dedicated at NCL

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland. In memory of Jean Foss.  A metal sculpture created by Marion Reynolds has been installed at the Nederland Community Library in honor of former Nederland ...

Community roots with Grateful Hearts

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Reception honors participants

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Read-in-Ned: Moving forward

Jay Mann, Nederland.     A couple of years ago I worked at a public library in another small town. One day a coworker was sorting through a pile of donated books, looking for possible ...

Mountain Spirit Astrology : New Archer

Karen Anderson, Peak to Peak. The archer draws her bow and aims at the highest heavens. This image for Sagittarius depicts the ideals of the sign. Tuesday’s new moon for the archer ...

An Ecowakening Emerges

Marc Tonglen, Nederland.  In the midst of uncertain times, the expression of art has always defined the understated will of the people.  Nowadays, the expression of art also speaks ...

Cat Toilet Training

Deb D’Andrea, Nederland. Years ago, my friends decided they were going to train their Siamese cats to ‘do their business’ in the toilet. They chose their upstairs bathroom overlooking ...

Naturally Speaking : The summer that was

Dave Hallock, Eldora. This year’s growing season started out with high hopes of lushness, based on abundant late winter and early spring moisture, but Mother Nature had other plans. ...

Read-in-Ned: A New Look at Addressing Climate Change

Roberta Brown-Jones, Nederland.   The result of excessive hesitancy or avoidance to change prevents positive transformation for an individual  or an entire society. (from Facing ...
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