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Ky Burt and Justin Evan Thompson in concert at Jamestown Mercantile January 29th, 2015

Ky Burt, Jamestown

.  Jamestown Mercantile and Sandalwood Cooperative presents an evening with Ky Burt and Justin Evan Thompson. The concert will consist of two sets by Ky, Justin, ...

Mountain Spirit Astrology : The Dawning of the Sign of Aquarius

Karen Anderson. The starry sing-along has begun. The signs are harmonizing about the dawning of the sign of Aquarius. The start of an Aquarian Age occurs every 26,000 years, but we’ve ...


Saturn in Scorpio The Sun journeys through the zodiac in one year; stern Saturn in 29 years. The schoolmaster of the stars takes each sign into the school house for two and a half years. ...
ss hot spell

Stagestop enjoys Hot Spell

  Barbara Lawlor, Peak to Peak. The old Stage Stop Loft in Rollinsville had its timbers shaken last Friday night as Gary Harrabye, Gilpin School music teacher, and his band Hot Spell ...

Gilpin Library Footnotes

Larry Grieco, Librarian. Meg Wolitzer is an extraordinary writer whose fifth novel, The Interestings, has garnered high praise from the critics. This is the story of six friends who, ...
bri singing miles song

Music for Miles

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  At the end of last Wednesday’s choir concert, Nederland Middle Senior High School senior Bri Lindstrom sang a song she wrote for Miles Pancoast. “I ...

Gilpin Library Footnotes

Larry Greico, Librarian. Brazilian author Paulo Coelho has achieved international fame for his works of fiction. The library has just added Adultery, first published in Brazil in 2012, ...
pearl and brent

Magnolia Art Tour open this weekend

   Barbara Lawlor, Boulder County. If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the Magnolia artists’ part of the Boulder County Open Studio tour last weekend, not to ...