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TECH TRENDS: What to do with your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

If you have a Galaxy Note 7, right now is the time to turn it off and bring it back to the store.  Why? Here’s an excerpt from an October 9th story in CNET: “Samsung’s ...

TECH TRENDS 20 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows (plus 1 bonus!)

Two weeks ago our blog was about some of the shortcuts you can use with your Windows Logo key.  This week, I’ve got some more basic keyboard shortcuts. The Control (aka Ctrl) is ...

Simple, savory, homestyle food & entertainment

By Pine Apple Nederland As the festival season closes and Nederland prepares for another colorful autumn, it is time for us all to take a break from our cutting boards and treat ourselves ...

Name this building

Barbara Lawlor Nederland The building at 80 Big Springs Drive is huge. As the roof was finished and the walls were built, residents began stopping to look, many thinking that they never ...
sushi man coupole

Oyster bar brings in sushi

Oyster bar brings in sushi Barbara Lawlor Nederland Imagine a Rainbow Roll, or The Roll: crab and avocado inside the sushi rice with a layer of tuna, salmon, yellowtail or shrimp, all ...

Kimberly Spagnola opens Wings of Lace Boutique

Kimberly Spagnola opens Wings of Lace Boutique Janet Perry Nederland   It’s been almost a decade since Denim and Lace closed its doors and the women of Nederland lost their ...
gfh why

TECH TRENDS : Sharing your social media identity with the Government

Gail Eddy, Nederland.  Every once in a while I read a story that makes me say: WHAT? Today was one of those days.  According to this article in arsTechnica, the US Customs and Border ...
sydney and mister

Beginning a dream come true

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  Although Sydney Radloff had a difficult time following the well-trodden path of her peers, choosing, rather, the unknown shortcuts and steep hills, she ...
neds 1

Father’s Day, Ned’s style!

Pine Apple, Nederland.  The warmth of the sun and the buzz of the town energized us throughout the course of our breakfast at Ned’s this Father’s Day. They must have anticipated ...
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