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Chili Cook Off feeds dozens

Hayden Hardt-Zeman, Nederland.  Very Nice’s 2nd Annual Chili Cook Off was a huge success. Fifteen participants brought in a combination of red or green chili. The benefit ...

The Shop moves to shopping center

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  “Whoa, stop, did you see that jacket hanging on the rack outside of the store?  Hey slow down, stop, find a place to park.” Often that plea ...

Ned RINK prepares for season

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland. Waiting for a cold spell. Nederland RINK manager Ryan Keenan works on the transition from tennis court to ice rink. Although the rink looks more like a reflection ...

Shop at altitude and enjoy

Barbara Lawlor, Peak to Peak.  “Black Friday” sounds ominous. It sounds like a day that something bad will happen, a day darkened by shadows, a time of loss. Business ...

Eldora Mountain Resort opens

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TECH TRENDS: I’m addicted to my cell phone!

Gail Eddy, Nederland.  Does anyone else wonder if they spend too much time on their phone?  Too much time using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites?  I know ...

James Peak Brewery & Smokehouse opens

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  In the beginning of September the Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery closed its doors while it went through the transition of new owners and a redo of ...

Eldora Opening Day Monday, November 21

Michel Tapia, Eldora Mountain Resort.  Thursday’s winter storm hit ELDO with 12 inches of fresh cold snow and ideal temperatures for snowmaking to help kick off the 2016-2017 ...

Opening delayed

Two years ago on Eldora Mountain Resort opening day, the snow came down in sheets, covering the trails and the parking lot and the hats of the parking crew. This year, with record breaking ...
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