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Naturally Speaking : Going, Going, Gone

Dave Hallock, Eldora.  A recent assessment of global wildlife numbers concluded that they had declined by over half since 1970. In other words, the world has just half as many animals ...

Frostbite and Dogs

Deb D’Andrea, 
Nederland. When there’s lots of snow, it’s easy to run outside and play for hours in this winter wonderland, taking our beloved pups with us for some good outdoors ...

Mountain Critters : Muzzles

Deb D’Andrea, Nederland. Recently I had a lovely conversation with friends discussing muzzles and how they have used them with their pups to help alter less desirable behaviors. Muzzles ...
luv Foods harmful dog

Foods harmful to your dog

Deb D’Andrea, Nederland.  My pups enjoy several foods I cook for them and myself, with me always being aware of how I prepare my food so I can share with them. There are several ...
ADogsLife Tiki

A Dog’s Life: Tiki

Deb D’Andrea, Nederland.  Many of you may remember I wrote an article about my dog Tiki last year and her struggles with life. Tiki started to lose the ability to walk around Halloween; ...
Dog Body Language

Mountain Critters : Dog Body Language

Deb D’Andrea, Nederland. I was attending a Festival this past weekend where dogs were allowed and found it awesome to watch so many dogs getting along perfectly, while others required ...

Mountain Critters : Why dogs eat grass

Deb D’Andrea, Nederland.  I’ve had several people come up to me and ask “Why does my dog eat grass?” While we can never really know without them telling us, we can speculate. ...
Luv Bear

Mountain Critters : Happy Dogs

Deb D’Andrea, Nederland.     Many of us realize our dogs are much happier when out and about, engaged in sniffing, hiking, chasing squirrels, and playing with their favorite canine ...