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LAST CHANCE – New Food Critic, cast your vote now!!!!!

Please READ all three of the following reviews, then follow the link and VOTE for your favorite one! Savory Café always good — Nederland Conveniently located on the upper level of ...

Five string Violins are a new take on an old design

Doug Armitage 
Nederland Five string violins excel in musical styles that allow for improvisation because of their wide range and versatility. They are most commonly used in country ...

Professional Wetlands Consulting, Inc.

Professional Wetlands Consulting, Inc. (PWC) is a Colorado based environmental consulting company specializing in wetland and water issues within the Rocky Mountain Region.  PWC is ...

Old Gallery awards Artist of the Month

Margie Patterson Allenspark Tom Andrews, a landscape photographer, is Artist of the Month at The Old Gallery in Allenspark for the month of December. The opening reception is Saturday, ...

A Victory in Appalachia

A Victory in Appalachia Janet Perry West Virginia Larry Gibson would be celebrating. The hero of the Appalachian Movement against ‘King Coal’s destructive mountain-top ...

Nederland shops filled with unique gifts

Barbara Lawlor Nederland On Friday night, Nov. 23, the news clips about Black Friday were horrific. From all over the country came reports of crushing lines, pushing and shoving customers, ...
barsamian copy

Barsamian berates cancer of profit

Barbara Lawlor Nederland Nederland’s Mountain Forum for Peace had its annual bread and soup meeting in the Best Western Lodge last Thursday, Nov. 15. The guest speaker for the ...

Learning the “Soul of Parenting”

Barbara Lawlor Nederland Parenting is one of the most complex jobs in the world. There are no absolute answers to questions, only suggestions as to what might work in specific circumstances, ...
greeb and yellow on lift

Eldora opens 50th year

Barbara Lawlor Nederland The road to Eldora was flanked by meadows of dry, but still golden, grasses. There wasn’t much of a winter feeling. As the road wound uphill towards the ...
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