Blue Spruce Energetic Wellness

Blue Spruce Energetic Wellness

Do You want to be more relaxed and empowered in your well-being?
Energetic wellness is available and accessible for everyone, including You. By acting as a catalyst and guide for Reiki and Reflexology clients and Reiki students, I allow You relax into the connection with your inner wisdom while exploring the healing power within yourself and the universe.

Are You looking to have more energy available to do the things You love?
Reiki and Reflexology both remove energetic blocks resulting in free flowing energy. By releasing physical, mental and emotional blocks you are left with more vitality to live your life more fully. I help You relax and align with Yourself so you can be more relaxed and effective in Your life.

Why the name Blue Spruce Energetic Wellness?
Blue Spruce essential oil is one of my favorites and has been encouraging me to lovingly speak my truth for years now.
My healing sessions and Reiki teachings embody the following qualities of Blue Spruce which are integral to energetic wellness:
– balanced and clear chakras
– grounding
– angel awareness
– new realizations
– amplifies healing
– enhanced intuition
– awakens understanding of dis-ease causes
– protects and provides direction
– stimulates dreams and reminds to attend to them
– calms emotions


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