Nederland Police Reports December 2017

In December 2017, the Nederland Police Department issued 17 non-parking traffic tickets, 2 city ordinance violations, 13 miscellaneous tickets and 1 parking ticket.
On December 1, a Nederland resident contacted the Nederland Police Department, informing them her vehicle had been stolen in the last hour. She had heard her dogs barking but didn’t look outside. When she did look, her car was gone from the front of the house.
The Ned officer put out a Be On the Look Out for the vehicle to the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office and neighboring departments, as well as the NCIC. A check of the nearby area did not turn up any leads.
On December 4, the Boulder Police Department found the vehicle at Scott Carpenter Park and impounded it. The owner was asked to check the car to see what condition it was in. On December 5, DNA swabs were taken from the gear selector button, steering wheel, turn signal and door handles. There was slight damage to right front bumper. The radio was half out of the dash and laying on the passenger side of the floor.
A YMCA pass card was found in the vehicle and it was determined that it belonged to a woman who said her daughter, a high school student, hardly ever used the card and has no friends in Nederland. The woman had no explanation as to how the card ended up in Nederland. The case is inactive.
On December 2, a woman called the NPD and said she had been beaten up by two men. She had not called 911. The woman said she was sitting in the living room. When the officers arrived, he did not see any visible marks on her face or arms. She said she had been punched all over her body.
The woman said she had been beaten and thrown outside with all her clothes. The suspect said the victim had been drinking all day and when she was asked to leave, she refused. Nederland Fire Protection District paramedics came to check the woman out and she asked to be taken to the hospital, stating that she didn’t have anywhere to stay. The patient fell asleep at the hospital and the officer left her a witness statement to fill out. He was unable to contact her the next day.
On December 2, a burglary was reported. The victim said the door that connects the house to the garage was not latched, and the frame was broken, with tool marks. This had occurred previously the month before at which time she didn’t notice anything different. She said her husband’s chisels had been moved. The case is inactivated.
On December 5, an alarm was reported at a local business and when the officer arrived, he saw a broken window. Nothing appeared to be stolen. He surmised that someone sat down on the window ledge, misjudged the sitting position and caused the window to break. There are no suspects.
On December 5, a man called the NPD saying he received a threatening text message from someone who did some work for him several months ago. The man said he felt the work was substandard. The employee wanted to discuss the work, but they never got together. When the work started failing, the man posted a negative review on Facebook, so the worker responded with a text threatening to shut him down. The officer informed him that there are civil options for the substandard work and advised him not to talk to the man.