A Night on the Town – The First of February

William Mead

The Nederland area was filled with music events on the first night of February. Locals found themselves spread out all over town taking in the sounds of the mountains.
The first destination of the evening was “Art at the Center” at the Nederland Community Center. This event featured music by Desmond McReynolds, a talented 17-year-old guitarist and vocalist. McReynolds, who also goes by Desmond Blake, focused on gaging the crowd, to create a calm environment for those viewing the art exhibition.
“Most of what I do is improv,” McReynolds said. “I like to do something rhythmically interesting.”
His performance on Thursday was articulate and pure, showcasing classic hits and creativity.
The next stop of the evening was at Rocky Mountain Oyster Bar for the “Best of Bluegrass.” Thursday’s performers were Curly Collins and Michael Sivcovich, who covered bass, guitar and vocals along with pulling out several other instruments. The duo kept the room lively and melodic throughout their set, sharing a microphone and joking with each other on stage.
The strumming from Curly and Michael provided a perfect complement to the food and drink, making for an authentic, family-friendly mountain experience.
Five miles south of town, in Rollinsville, Stage Stop’s weekly karaoke was underway. This evening function is perfect for kids, and as for the adults, there are no more kids after 9 p.m.
DJ Jim “Panama Jim” Reis has been running the karaoke since 2012, after he retired from a long career in the US Army.
“When I was working, I always liked to sing on my days off,” said Reis. Now, Reis is sharing that love for music with his community in the mountains, continuing to be a man defined by doing good.
Participants took turns singing hits such as “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga and Jodi Benson’s “Part of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid.”
Even DJ Jim took a turn on the microphone, delivering a stunning rendition of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” Apart from Thursday nights at Stage Stop, Reis is available for hire and will provide his audio services at events.
The last stop of the night was Pioneer Inn’s “Open Funk Jam.” For a late-night evening of quintessential Nederland atmosphere, drinks and music, look no further than a jam session at the Pioneer Inn.
The stage is open to performers and this week featured musicians such as the group “Electric Toast.” Their playing was energetic and a well-executed session of spontaneity. The Pioneer Inn is an intimate setting, allowing the music to be loud and intermixed tightly with listeners. This no-frills bar offers a delightfully raw dive into the musical identity of Nederland.