3rd Street Barricades favored by residents ( Letter to the editor)

Dear Editor,

Why have the barriers that now block the end of West 3rd Street become an object of contention? If you live on West 3rd Street as I do, you have to wonder why there is now a survey on the Town website about it. For those of us who are residents of this neighborhood it is hard to understand, because the barrier has brought such relief from speeders and improved the safety on this street so much.

Perhaps people don’t understand the history of how the barricades came to be. What was happening that brought this action to fruition was that “local” residents were using West 3rd Street as a short cut to HWY 119 to avoid having to go through the roundabout. There was a constant flow of cars traveling 45mph every day on our street, leaving the children who live on this street and people walking their dog, like me, with nowhere to go as these cars passed. It was worse at peak times like commuting hours. The dust was constantly in the air and you really felt like someone was going to get hurt eventually, a child or maybe yourself.

 These drivers were definitely locals. When I would try to ask them to slow down, I would get lewd finger motions and then the car would go even faster. Thankfully, the Nederland Police Department got involved, and installed an electronic speed sign to track how many cars were speeding, which was enough of a sign that something drastic had to be done. Thus, the barricade was put in place. As soon as it was installed, the problem vanished.

I personally think the barriers are unattractive and would like to see the Peace Garden extended to make that intersection a welcoming sight for visitors coming through town, but in no way, shape or form would I want to see the barriers removed. I can guarantee you that I will do whatever is necessary to make my voice heard and attend any public meeting that would have a movement to remove the barriers on the agenda. I think you should expect all West 3rd Street residents to feel the same. We finally have a quiet street, without fear and anxiety from the constant race of cars through our neighborhood. We will fight to keep it that way.

Teresa Crush Warren