Ned boys scramble for win

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  The Nederland High School boys’ basketball team lost their third consecutive game to end the 2017 season, but they look strong and ready to prepare for the return to school and their next game on January 5. The score was 38-63.


The Panthers hosted the Bellevue Bruins last Thursday, December 14, 2017, and after a competitive beginning, they hit a second quarter slump leaving them 20 points behind at halftime.


Jarod Randal exploded in the first quarter, grabbing a field goal followed by a three-pointer. Damon Vigil was on his heels with a field goal and then Jarod scored followed by Taylor Hoffman. Nederland was ahead 9-4 when the Bruins got hot and momentum carried them to take the lead, 11-12 by the end of the first quarter.


Some of the stuffing seemed to fall out of the Panthers as Bellevue racked up 21 points to the Panther’s two points. Halftime score:13-33.


The Panthers showed true grit in continuing the effort in the second half, staging a comeback in the third quarter, but unable to maintain the speed.



Quarter scores:
11-12 2-21 14-7 11-23



(Originally published in the December 21, 2017 print edition of The Mountain-Ear.)

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.