Battle of the Books

Taylor Johnson, Nederland.  When Battle of the Books comes around, some kids are excited, some kids have been dreading it since the last Battle of the Books ended, and some kids just don’t care about it. For those who are excited it’s an opportunity to go to State. Grades three through twelve can participate, battling their friends by answering challenging questions, only to be answered correctly by reading every detail in the fifteen titles you’re asked about. As a Battle of the Books veteran, I know that the questions refer to the most minute details in the book.



To give you an idea of the types of questions in Battle of the Books, one question from last year was “In what story is there a picture of a monarch Butterfly?”


When you’re battling the teams from your own grade, it’s nerve wracking. You can hear hearts pounding from tables away. As you go through the questions you can barely hear a peep. It’s dead serious. Everyone wants that huge trophy they give the winner at the district competition. It doesn’t matter if you beat your best friend, the competition’s grim. If you win, you go on to District, which is a mix of exciting and completely boring. You first must navigate through the halls of a huge unfamiliar school. Then you wait. When you go into the classroom where the competition is hosted, everyone’s eyeballs are on you. After your team is finished with the questioning, you wait even more. You’re then gathered in the gym where they announce the first, second, and third place teams for every grade. I have participated three times and my team has yet to win a trophy. Best of luck to the Nederland teams this year and hopefully we can make it to State!



(Originally published in the December 14, 2018 print edition of The Mountain-Ear.)