September Nederland Police Reports

In September, there were 13 non-parking traffic tickets; 3 city ordinance violations; 10 miscellaneous; 1 parking ticket and 1 traffic, city ordinance offense.


On September 1, a business owner called in a vandalism report. She said someone had told her that a person sprayed one of their flower pots two days previous and now the plants were dead. A bottle of Ortho Home defense bug killer was next to the flower pot. The suspect was described as a white male, perhaps in his 60s with gray hair.


On September 2, a Ned officer heard a Boulder County Deputy request assistance on Hwy. 72 and drove to the scene. There were four people in the vehicle and the deputy was clearing them with dispatch. One of the passengers had a warrant from Adams County and two others did not have valid licenses. One of them was a registered sex offender. The driver had a revoked license.


The occupants of the vehicle were told to get out of the car. After they were searched, they were placed under arrest. Next the vehicle was cleared. A black duffel bag and a black backpack was found and one of the occupants said she didn’t want to be responsible for the items inside.


A search revealed there were no illegal items. However, one of the occupants had stated that there was a syringe with a needle in the zipper pouch containing methamphetamine. He said it was supposed to be his last hurrah before going back to jail. The other three occupants were released and the one with a warrant was transported to the Boulder County Jail.


On September 7, a Nederland patrol officer noticed a Subaru parked in front of a liquor store and knew it had been parked in the same spot for three weeks. The officer was told the license plate had expired in January of 2016. He had noticed that during the three weeks, the vehicle arrived around 9:30 p.m. and left around 11 p.m.


He decided to wait for the driver who showed up wearing a hooded sweatshirt and got into the car. He sat in the driver’s seat and then got out to smoke a cigarette. At 11:10 the driver drove off. The officer stopped the driver, who had no license and no insurance. He said the vehicle belonged to his girlfriend and they were living out of it. The man’s license was cancelled in 2008 due to an unpaid ticket. The officer gave him a summons for no license, no insurance and driving with fictitious plates.


On September 15, an officer was dispatched to a report of harassment. He talked to a woman, who said she was on her way home up Boulder Canyon when she saw her ex-husband driving down the canyon. A little while later, she noticed a car following her. She went to her house and noticed that her ex was parked nearby and sitting in the truck. The woman said she usually met him for a child exchange, but it was always in front of the Nederland Police Station and he had never come to her house before.


When questioned, the ex-husband said he saw her car coming up the canyon and saw another male driving it but didn’t see her. He said when he saw the boy’s mother, he left. He was told to stop the harassment and to call the NPD if he was concerned about the child’s welfare.


On September 22, a person at the Nederland Visitor’s Center reported a harassment in progress.


On September 29, the NPD was dispatched to a report of shoplifting in progress. He was told there was a total of three suspects, two males and a female. One of them was in custody at the store.


When the officer arrived, one of the suspects was leaving. The officer was shown the stolen items: one pint of pudding and a Butterfingers candy bar. The manager said the three suspects entered the store together and then split up. She saw the suspect put the pudding in his pocket and walk around the store before he exited and was stopped and escorted to the office.


The total of the items stolen was $5.08. The suspect said he made a bad decision. “I was so hungry. I knew better; Karma would catch me.” He apologized and received a summons for theft.


On Saturday, September 30, a Ned officer was driving on West Magnolia Road when he saw a car stopped in the east bound lane of the road, and the driver’s head was slumped down on his chest. The officer stopped to do a welfare check. He found a spoon and a syringe filled with a substance suspected to be heroin in plain view on the man’s lap. The driver was taken into custody and placed in the patrol car.


The syringe has a 100-unit capacity filled to the 40-unit mark of a substance suspected to be heroin. The driver’s license was revoked, and he had a Failure to Appear warrant out of Loveland for dangerous drugs.


The drugs were placed in the evidence room at the NPD. The vehicle was impounded. The suspect was booked into the Boulder County Jail.