Sci-Fi movie filmed in Black Hawk

John Scarffe, Black Hawk.  Artists View Entertainment has been filming a Sci-Fi movie in the Black Hawk area. The Black Hawk City Council approved the license agreement between Black Hawk and Artists View Entertainment during a regular meeting of the Black Hawk City Council at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, November 8, at 211 Church Street.


City Clerk Melissa Greiner said the City received the request late Friday afternoon and started to work on it on Monday. The company was approved for its last permit but doesn’t have everything in order, so it’s all conditional.


The license agreement is required for filming a scene for a Sci-Fi movie at the Hidden Treasure parking area. Conditions for approval are an Executed License Agreement with supporting certificates of insurance; supporting documents verifying principals of Artists View Entertainment and the City Attorney’s review of the completed packet.


The Council approved the agreement. As a result, Xueru Tang, with Hungry Panda Productions, Inc., said they are from Los Angeles and are filming a feature film in Black Hawk. They were in the forest shooting for two days, and November 11 was their last day to shoot in Black Hawk.
“We are filming a car explosion scene near the Black Hawk Fire Station,” Xueru said. “After today’s shoot we will move the company to the second city, Basalt.”


The Council also approved a lease between the City and MW Golden Constructors for the property at 271 Gregory Street. Matt Reed, with Public Works, told the Council that MW Golden will be building the St. Charles Carriage House and would like to lease 271 Gregory Street as a construction office while they are doing that work.


The proposed lease would begin on November 15, 2017, which is the day after the lease with CEI for the same property is set to expire. MW Golden’s lease would run through August 14, 2018, with an option to continue the lease beyond this date on a month-to-month basis.


The Council approved the lease. City Manager Jack Lewis introduced a resolution approving the personal services agreement with Peak Program Value LLC in an amount not to exceed $206,670 for a Comprehensive Construction Program Validation Process of the City’s Residential Guide to Programs. Chris Rocker, construction process expert, conducted a review of the City’s potential hotel and convention center, and the final document is on the way.


City staff saw his skill level and knowledge in construction and got into long discussions about why our programs cost what they do, Lewis said. It would be good to enter into an agreement and do our programs more efficiently and less costly.


Mayor David Spellman said he has experience in procurement all the way through preconstruction and has personal experience with the City’s grant program. Lewis said what we discovered here can be used in different areas of procurement.


This is not designed to be a witch hunt or negative about what we’ve done in the past, Lewis said. It’s just to move forward with different procedures and ideas.


(Originally published in the November 16, 2017 print edition of The Mountain-Ear).