Estes Park children learn about raptors

Weldon Lee, Allenspark.  It happened Tuesday, November 21, 2017, at the Estes Park Elementary School, when every class not only learned about, but personally observed, a variety of raptors, up-close and personal.


Thanks to grants from the Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center’s Youth In Action Organization and the Village Thrift Shop, MISSION: New Earth, an Estes Valley non-profit based in Allenspark, Colorado, was able to bring Hawk Quest’s Birds of Prey program to the school.


During the program, students learned the importance of different raptor species, their specially-adapted tools, and their role in our ecosystems. Featured species included a common barn owl, a peregrine falcon, a bald eagle, and a free-flying Harris’s hawk.


MISSION: New Earth’s objective, according to the organization’s board president, Weldon Lee, “is to create a new earth where wildlife is safe and it is no longer necessary to protect them.”


“We are confident,” Lee continues, “that we can accomplish this by creating opportunities where children can make meaningful connections with our wild brothers and sisters. Love generated out of these connections will grow and blossom as the children mature. People will not destroy something they love.


“It doesn’t stop with the younger children,” Lee adds, “older children and teenage youth, with adult supervision, learn leadership skills as they work with, and teach, the younger children.”


MISSION: New Earth is currently recruiting Board members who share their passion for both wildlife, and working with children. If you fall into that category, they would love to hear from you.


For additional information, or if you would like to volunteer, contact Weldon Lee or Lori Huff at (303) 747-2074 or by email: