Tech Trends: Interesting Webcams

Gail Eddy, Nederland.  If you’re like me, sometimes you just want to look at other places. Not in a voyeuristic kind of way, but just because of a sense of curiosity. Some webcams are co-located with a personal weather tracking system for a household, some webcams are in cities and you can look at the street views, some webcams are at ski resorts and allow you to look at the snow conditions before plunking down a small fortune for a single day lift ticket. ($120 at Vail for Thanksgiving Saturday!)



Ski Resort Webcams
*Mt. Hood Meadows



I like these sites because you can click on the location you’re interested in and see the current conditions:
*Colorado DOT
*Los Angeles



People watching is one of my favorite activities, and where better to people watch than in a city? Here are just a few people watching webcams:
*Brooklyn Bridge
*Navy Pier Chicago
*San Francisco



National Park Webcams
We have some amazing parks to visit throughout the United States. Here are webcams from just some of these National Parks:
*Yellowstone – Old Faithful and other sights –
*Rocky Mountain National Park
*Channel Islands National Park in California
*Acadia National Park in Maine
*Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park



In a landlocked state like Colorado, sometimes you just NEED to see the ocean. Here are some webcams with beach views:
*Huntington Beach.
*Cape cod
*Florida Keys Sunset-cam
*Oregon coast



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