Rescue dog wins hearts

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  It was the scratchboard drawing of Vaughn, a hound dog, rescued three years ago by Scott and Mary Coan, that won Scott the number one slot at Thursday’s Art at the Center reception.

Nobody could resist those eyes.


The October art reception featured landscapes and animals, delicious finger food and an assortment of wine accompanied by music, art talk and a joy in sharing the talent of our community.


People’s Choice Second Place went to Kathy Branich and Annie Thayer. Annie is the co-founder of the Art at the Center and the one who has kept the receptions and shows thriving for years. Her watercolors were praised. “Annie Thayer: Of her paintings, Green Lake was by far the favorite painting with one viewer commenting that it ‘Captures a quintessential Colorado mountain lake feel;’ several commented “love the sky” on the Sand Beach painting; love the abstract ‘View Across the Harbor;’ “clean, evocative, consistent display”


Kathy has had her photography on display at the Nederland Community Library for the past three months and visitors are stopped in their tracks by the stunning photograph of a fox in the entry.


Another fox graced the Nederland Community Center walls on Thursday night and in fact, the photograph was sold before the show ended. Branich has lived in Sugarloaf for 27 years, lost her home in the Fourmile Fire in 2010, and retired from her job of 25 years to become more active with her favorite pastime, which was capturing memories. She watched the foxes on her property and began to shoot them with her long lens.


Third place People’s Choice went to Laurie McAllister. “Summer Pasture is exciting!; Sandhills – nice mist; False Kiva – beautiful play with light, invites you in.”


Wolfy Wolf’s work was praised for its “Wonderful detail, great leading lines; love the playfulness; love the colors; Love his watercolor.”

Wolfe works in animation, which he says lends itself to his whimsical dreamscapey style. “Things are laid out bordering on illustrations, with solid colors and sharp lines, gradients within the lines.”


Wolfy says he used to take pictures of pretty woman holding a plush stuffed wolf at Burning Man, but he has turned to creating local scenes with his personal touch, a landscape in which rests a hot tub with people soaking. Wolfe has been showing his work in Nederland for the past two years and is creating about 30 paintings a year which are slowly beginning to sell. He says it has not become a business, he is working on a web site.


Along with this fall’s exhibition is a photography display by Chuck Edelstein, a patron of the Nederland arts with a deep passion for the landscape and wildlife of the area.


A memorial honoring his work and his life was held in the multi-purpose room, remembering his love for his adopted town. His brother said that Chuck found his creativity in our small mountain village.



(Originally published in the October 12, 2017 print edition of The Mountain-Ear.)

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.