Eldora opening delayed

Barbara Lawlor, Boulder County. Eldora Mountain Resort has announced that due to unreasonable, unseasonable warm weather, the 2017-2018 snowsports season will be delayed until Thanksgiving.

They have given it their best effort but there just hasn’t been enough cold weather or snow accumulation to make their projected opening date of Friday, November. 17.


But, they say, the wait will be worth it. The new Alpine Glow six-person lift is running and EMR employees are eager to put it to work. Guests will approach the lift building where they wait behind a gate as the chair circles until it slows down. The gate releases them onto a treadmill that takes them to the appropriate place to sit down on the chair when it arrives. There are no lift workers hanging onto the chair to slow it down for take off.


Instead of taking almost 15 minutes to reach the top, the new lift will deliver you in four minutes, much more time to ski or snowboard.


The lift building itself looks like a shiny red spaceship that landed in the parking lot. The lift towers are pristine white, for now.


EMR employees bustled around the lodges, preparing for the opening day and creating an atmosphere of anticipation.


EMR’s new marketing director Sam Bass looks forward to the upcoming season.

New marketing director Sam Bass says that the new lift should attract more people to the front of the mountain rather than immediately heading for Corona.


On Tuesday afternoon, the CU Ski Team practice hill was groomed for the team’s first day of training, the earliest start date they can remember. An ironic accomplishment.


EMR is ready, now all we need is for a few nights of cold air for the snow making guns and a half foot of powder on top of that.


Give thanks for our air and mountains and water and hope they all get together to produce the precious white stuff for a delayed, but perfect opening.


Snow is in the forecast.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.