Eagles crunch Tigers

Barbara Lawlor, Gilpin County.  There was nowhere for the Hayden Tigers to go. The Gilpin High School Eagles kept them from putting a score on the board and ran over them into the end zone for a 38-0 win. The Tigers were 4-2 going into their game on Eagle turf Saturday afternoon in the Eagles last home game of the season. Gilpin is now 6-1 with an away game coming in Rangely.


Senior Austin Boulter pushed through the Tiger line to score four rushing touchdowns and make two conversions. It was a brutally cold wind that swept down on the field but Eagle fans wrapped blankets around themselves and cheered for the home team.


Boulter was named Overall Player of the Game and Stephen King was the Offensive Player of the Game.



Quarter scores:
8-0 6-0 16-0 8-0



Individual Statistics:
Rushing: Jack Ball: 9 carries for 21 yards; Stephen King: 15 carries for 103 yards, 1 touchdown; Austin Boulter: 23 carries for 258 yards and 4 touchdowns; Manny Gomez: 10 carries for 38 yards
Tackles: Jack Ball: 8 solos, 3 assists; Austin Boulter: 9 solos, 3 assists; Deven Moore: 1 solo; Angel Gomez, 7 solos, 3 assists; Jake Duncan: 4 solos, 6 assists; Manny Gomez: 9 solos, 6 assists; Josh Trujillo: 5 solos, 3 assists; Jamie Alexander: 5 solos; John Immordino: 2 solos, 2 assists


Sacks: Austin Boulter, Jake Duncan, John Immordino
Interceptions: Jack Bell
Kickoffs: Nolan Lindberg, 6 for 182 yards
Punts: Nolan Lindberg, 2 kicks for 63 yards
Kickoff returns: Manny Gomez, 1 return for 8 yards
Conversions: Stephen King, 1; Austin Boulter, 2 conversions; Manny Gomez, 1



(Originally published in the October 19, 2017 print edition of The Mountain-Ear.)

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.