Brewery celebrates 5 very nice years

John Scarffe, Nederland.  “Number five, and still alive,” Owner Jeffrey Green said about celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Very Nice Brewery Company, at the east end of Caribou Shopping Center in Nederland, Colorado. The company celebrated five years of providing locally brewed beers and serving as a meeting spot for locals on October 21, 2017, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


The Pub was brimming with celebrants, and the celebration featured a special ale and live music by Flash Mountain Flood. Green said the band started out as a cover band but have come into their own. This is the third year the band has played for the brewery’s anniversary.


Green also brewed a special anniversary ale for the event called Better Off Ned, Red. He used his “Not Bitter” IPA with late addition hops and a decadent malt backbone.


“It resulted in a very complex mouth feel that gives it a layered tasting experience,” according to the menu. “We utilized a modern Citrus hopbill consisting of Citra and Mosaic hops.


The menu says, “Ned-heads are made up of folks from all around the country and beyond. We wanted to make a beer that mirrored that diversity. We all come here and so many of us stay, so we reasoned that we are ‘Better Off Ned.’”


A local brewery can be a driver of the community, Green said. “We just serve beer and have a nice atmosphere here.”


No liquor or wine is sold, and the Greens believe in the equalitarian nature of beer. The brewery is modeled after an English pub, so it’s not a place to party but to catch up with each other.


“That’s what we’re aiming for,” Green said. “We don’t have people dancing on bars. We close at 9 p.m.”


His best times are those like tonight when the people who come in are enjoying each other. The television is off, although they do have a set as a gift from his sister, so they turn on Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers football games.


Their most popular beer is the Royal We IPA. It’s a “Huge hop forward character delivered with a double dry hop of Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic. This provides a beautiful grapefruit and orange essence characteristic of the American IPA.” according to the menu.
Very Nice Brewery always has a charity beer, Green said. In the past five years, the business has donated about $15,000 to local charities including residents with cancer, the Carousel, the Backdoor Theater and firefighters.


We’re a local brewery that wants to give back,” Green said. They have kept their prices the same through the years and are trying to keep them the same, but the rent has gone up $600 per month.


“We’ll keep trying to do it as long as we can,” Green said. Their other biggest obstacle is their small space.


“We’re at capacity,” Green said. “We’re maybe the smallest brewery in the state.” As a result, the Greens have purchased land in Gilpin County for a second brewery and retail outlet, so they are treading lightly now.


They are working on the architectural drawings for the brewery now and plan to break ground in 2018. The Gilpin County brewery also will have the English pub focus.


Very Nice Brewing received a Special Use Review (SUR) for a brewing and tasting room in Braecher Park, in mid-Gilpin County, from the Gilpin County Board of County Commissioners on February 28, 2017. The brewery will be on commercial zoned property and is surrounded by commercial property at Braecher Park Lot 7, south of the County Transfer Station.


Green told the Board that his residence is at 101 Gap Road, Black Hawk, and said he and his wife own Very Nice Brewing in Nederland, but they don’t have enough room to make beer for participating in all of the area’s activities.


Green said they want to expand their operations to participate in more local activities such as Frozen Dead Guy Days and NedFest. The building will be prefabricated with a nice front, maybe stone.


“This will primarily be a production facility. We’re planning ahead,” Green said. They plan for 88 parking spaces.


“We’re nothing more than a local brewery. As long as there is a neighborhood, there is still room for a brewery. There is still a lot of growth potential,” Green said.