A time for sharing

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland. As autumn announces that crops are ripe, that it is time to gather and store food for winter, communities think of sharing the bounty that is given to us.


On Saturday, Oct. 8, Calvary Chapel of Nederland opened its doors, put up games in the parking lot of the church, invited Navajo Indians to visit and bring their beautiful handmade jewelry and their special delicious Indian Tacos to share with the Nederland residents.

This is a tradition that began last year and was invited to return by popular demand. The town was packed with people from down below who came up to see the changing of the leaves that had already changed so they decided to find out what this quaint little town had to offer.


It was a perfect weekend to welcome visitors, just a day before the snow slammed the mountains.


The best part of the event was the pie contest. No, the best part was eating the pies in the pie contest. At least a dozen home-made pies showed up to be tasted, judged, sliced and served.


After a panel of expert judges conferred, the first-place winner was named to be long-time Nederland native Karen Willis who created the ginger pumpkin pie that has to be the hit of every Thanksgiving dinner they host.


Two Nederland High School graduates, Hope Rippy and Kalina Culver, sat on a bench in the church entry and chowed down on their pie, feeling like they came back home just in time for the beginning of the sharing, eating and gathering time at their hometown church.


It is the time for reaching out and gathering in.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.