TECH TRENDS “Range Anxiety” and Your Electric Vehicle

Gail Eddy, Peak to Peak.  I heard a new term recently – “Range Anxiety”. The feeling you get when your electric vehicle has 20 miles left but you’re 21 miles away from home. We’ve been tossing around the idea of getting an electric vehicle, but always bump up against that nagging feeling that we’ll need to carry an extra battery around “just in case”. Now I know that our nagging feeling has a name!


As I learn more about electric vehicles though, I’m almost certain that our next car will be an EV. There are already many available with estimated ranges of 80-300 miles depending on the vehicle weight, the terrain, and whether you have the AC on. My research has shown me that almost every car manufacturer is making at least one EV, and that list is sure to grow before the decade is over. Almost by default, the price will come down, and the driving range will increase. Until then, it’s best to always have a plan. Sunita Halasz lives in the Adirondacks, and, in her words:


“When we really go anywhere, I have a whole list of phone numbers of friends who live all over the Adirondacks,” Halasz said during a charging stop. “So that at a moment’s notice I can call somebody and be like, ‘Hi, I’m going to pull into your driveway. And do you have an outdoor electrical outlet?’”


As more people get their own Electric Vehicle, more charging stations are being built. Even our little touristy town of 1100 people has a charging station for visitors. I hope you found this information helpful. Please let us know your thoughts!


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