Invaluable donation: pint of blood

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  It is so easy to give and it always comes back. It requires little effort. It is literally a life-saving donation. It’s not often you get to save a life.

Last Thursday, September 14, Nederland residents lined up, ready to do their part in saving lives. The Bonfils Mobile Blood Center was parked in the Centennial Bank Parking Lot signing up blood donors.


“Heroes Come in all Types,” was written on the side of the truck, bright red with a heart.


The heroes lined up inside the truck filling out forms and releases before they went under the needle.


Nederland veterinarian Doc Joe Evans says, being a Mason, giving blood is something he began doing three years ago. Giving blood is also something he did during the Desert Storm War. He gave blood last year for the first blood drive held at the bank.


“I like helping people and really don’t feel anything, just a pinch.” He watched his blood filling up the sacks in the box that phlebotomist Amie Struck Meyer labeled. She said the next step is sending the blood off to the lab where it will be tested for HIV and Hepatitis.


Mountain Man owner John Thompson said he thought it was really nice that there was a central donating facility in town. “This makes it so easy. This is the first time I have donated blood since I lived in San Francisco.”


Phlebotomist Brandon Cleverly talked to each of the donors, had them sink back into the cozy recliners and expertly and efficiently drew the blood.


Centennial Bank Manager Susan Schneider says that when she heard the Broomfield branch had been hosting blood drives for years, she wanted to get on board. She has a history of donating blood, has been doing it most of her adult life.


“I have a rare type of blood, but otherwise I’m healthy. Hospitals can use my blood for babies’ immune systems. I have donated blood every eight weeks for l0 years and never had a problem. When we moved here, it wasn’t convenient anymore so I talked to someone from Bonfils who said they’d come up.”


Bonfils debut took place on May 13 and it was deemed a success, a great outreach. They asked Susan if she would put on another event this year and she was glad to hold it last Thursday. Put two more on your calendar for next year, they told her.


“I am so proud to work in a community that contributes in this way. It used to be you couldn’t donate if you had piercings or tattoos. Now they welcome everyone who has had the work done at a certified studio and everyone gets a chocolate chip cookie.”

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.