Eagles swamp Bruins

Barbara Lawlor, Gilpin County.  The Gilpin boys made it look easy. Last Saturday, September 23, in away game against the Bellevue Bruins, the Eagles snatched 54 points to the Bruins’ none. They began the game stacking up three touchdowns and the Eagles were not able to answer any of those points or the ones to follow.


Austin Boulter was named the Overall Player of the Game; Jack Ball was the Offensive Player of the Game and Stephen King was the Defensive player of the game.


Boulter rushed for three touchdowns; Jack Ball ran in two touchdowns.



Period scores:
18-0 16-0 14-0 6-0 54-0


Individual statistics:
Passing: Austin Boulter, 1/9 for 47 yards
Rushing: Jack Ball: 9 carries for 157 yards and two touchdowns; Austin Boulter, 14 carries for 110 yards and three touchdowns; Angel Gomez, 3 carries for 19 yards and 1 touchdown; Manny Gomez, 7 carries for 38 yards; Josh Trujillo, 5 carries for 44 yards.
Receiving: Stephen King, 1 reception for 47 yards.
Tackles: Will Innis, 1 solo, 1 assist; Stephen King, 2 assists
Austin Boulter, 3 solos; Blake Boulter, 1 solo, 1 assist; Mike Wenholtz, 2 solos, 3 assists; Daniel Jewell, 1 solo; Deven Moore, 2 solos, 2 assists, Angel Gomez, 4 assists Jack Duncan, 1 solo, 2 assists; Manny Gomez, 5 solos, 3 assists; Josh Trujillo, 4 solos, 2 assists; Tristan Froio.
Sacks: Austin Boulter, 2; Deven Moore, 1; Manny Gomez, 1
Interceptions: Stephen King, 1 interception.
Fumble recovery: John Immordino
Kickoffs: Stephen King, 6 kicks for 209 yards; Manny Gomez, 2 kicks for 56 yards
Kickoff returns: Angel Gomez, 1 return for 9 yards
Conversions: Jack Ball, 1; Austin Boulter, 2; Manny Gomez, 1; Josh Trujillo, 1.


(Originally published in the September 28, 2017 print edition of The Mountain-Ear.)

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.