Eagles outweigh Buffaloes

Barbara Lawlor, Gilpin County. In a stunning second period scoring spree, the Gilpin High School Eagles scored three touchdowns to lock in the win although they were skunked in the second half. The Eagles claimed their second victory in their away win against the Caliche Buffalos on Saturday. Gilpin now has a 2-1 win record. The final score was 36-30.


The Defensive Player of the Game was Manny Gomez who made one rushing touchdown and had six solo and three tackle assists. Senior Josh Trujillo was the top tackler with 27 total tackles. Senior Jack Ball led in rushing with 129 yards and one touchdown and Austin Boulter completed two passes for 52 yards and one touchdown.


Gilpin led 30-14 in the first and was unable to put anything on the scoreboard for the second half, but the defense stopped the Buffaloes from speeding. They each had one touchdown in the third and fourth quarter.



Scores by quarter:
8-0 22-14 0-8 0-8



Individual statistics:
Passing: Austin Boulter, two of five passes completed for 50 yards and 1 touchdown
Rushing: Jack Ball had nine carries for 129 yards and one touchdown; Austin Boulter carried 27 times for 120 yards and one touchdown and one conversion; Manny Gomez carried nine times for 37 yards and one touchdown
Receiving: Stephen King received two passes for 52 yards for one touchdown
Tackles: Jack Ball had 6 solos, 5 assists; Stephen King had 3 solos and 4 assists; Austin Boulter had 7 solos and 5 assists; Mike Wenholtz had 2 assists; Angel Gomez had 7 colors and 4 assists; Jake Duncan had 14 solos and 5 assists; Manny Gomez had 6 solos and 3 assists; Josh Trujillo had 13 solos and 14 assists; Tristan Froio had 3 solos and 2 assists; John Immordino had 1 assist and Nolan Lindberg had 1 solo. Austin Boulter made 1 sack and Tristan Froio made 1 sack.
Manny Gomez recovered one fumble and Josh Trujillo caused a fumble
Nolan Lindberg had six kickoffs for 205 yards
Nolan Lindberg had 3 punts for 17 yards
Stephen King returned 3 kickoffs for 100 yards


(Originally published in the September 21, 2017 print edition of The Mountain-Ear.)

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.