Tech Trends : 7 sites for Tech News

Gail Eddy, Nederland.  Chris and I are always scouring the InterWebs for tech news. What new developments will affect the world of technology? Who has a new gizmo out there and what are the experts saying about it? Most importantly, what new developments will impact our customers? We have a bunch of favorite websites for tech news that we’d like to share with you:


Chris’ favorite websites for Tech News:


Because he’s the Principal Geek, Chris’ reading tends to be more technical than mine. Here are three of his faves:


* Ars Technica – I think this is his favorite site.


* C|Net – I like C|Net too.


* Wired – I can’t prove it, but we were one of Wired’s first subscribers to their print magazine!


Gail’s favorite websites for Tech News:


I’m more like an average person with a little bit of tech knowledge. Here are four of my favorites which tend not to be as technically complicated as Chris’ reading:


* Fast Company – I like FastCo because they have some pretty engaging content.


* Huffington Post – Granted, these articles are “dumbed down” for the masses, but it does give me more of an idea what people are worried about with their tech right now.


* Gizmodo – Lots of gadgets – it’s all about the gadgets.


* The Verge – Reviews of lots of trendy new tech toys.


Check out these websites and let us know what you think. Do you have other favorites that we haven’t listed here?


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