Second Skate Jam rocks

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  Almost 75 skateboarders took their turns in the Nederland Skate Jam in the Bowl and Street Classes on Sunday afternoon at the Nederland Skate Park. In the Bowl Class, there were six age categories and in the Street Class there three skills categories: Novice, Intermediate and Expert categories.

This is the second year that the Jam has been held in Nederland and the park was filled with the sound of wheels crunching on the bowl walls and tails scraping on the concert. There were as well the distinctive Skater sounds of admiration and encouragement, empathetic groans when the board went the wrong way.


Music kept the energy up, pizza keep the tummies full and the competitive blood kept the skaters going for more, more, higher and faster.

During the class competition, the skaters took off one at a time as Franklin Rezarch introduced the skater and his skills, and explained what tricks he or she was doing in the bowl. Franklin says he is mostly a skateboarder, not an announcer, but he did a great job of keeping the spectators informed. The events were organized and gave the competitors a chance to demonstrate their skills.


In between the competitions, free skating was allowed, when everyone can zoom down the vertical walls and over to the pyramid. It is as if these athletes have dolphin sonar, the keen way in which they keep from clobbering each other, stopping in the nick of time.


The father/daughter team of Curt and Claire Kimbel put the jam together, Endless Youth Board shop owner Andrew Timbrook was the driving force behind the event, which was a smash hit last year.


Curt Kimbel describes the skating family as similar to Little League Baseball, where you start young and learn the basics and get to compete now and then and as your skills grow, so does your ranking. During these years, a community of skateboarders if formed, with local mentors assisting the young skaters.


Claire Kimbel says she has been helping her dad put on skating events since she was 16 years old, but she is not a skater.


“I am not a skater,” she says grinning in her backward cap and checked shirt, “I am a poser. That means I don’t skate but I look the part. It is the only sport where five-year-olds and 50-year-olds dress alike.”

Although the majority of the competitors were males, two young girls, age 7 and 10, were picked to demonstrate what can happen when a female jumps on a board. They did a few tricks, beaming as they moved together around the bowl. Charlotte Roberts, 10, said “I was nervous at first but then I relaxed and loved it. It was awesome.” Charlotte Roberts and her friend Zadia McGee are from Lafayette and enjoyed Nederland’s park.


First place winner in the 18-39 age group, Cheddar Jeff of Boulder, says he used to compete a lot, but that he was just having fun on Sunday. Having fun means doing goofy-foots, hand plants, Disasters, Big Spins and Board Slides. Kofi Cromer of Longmont took first place in the Novice Street and fifth place in the Novice Street. Kofi says he has been riding his skateboard since he was two years old and that it is a great way to have fun and be outside.



1. Wyld Monroe
2. Brandon Teasdale
3. Parker Glow-Marino
4. Charlotte Roberts
5. Jack Roberts
5. Zade McGee



11-13 BOWL
1. Wylder Buretta
2. Gordy Nilsen
3. Rowan Nilsen (tie)
3. Alex Voymas(tie)
4. Noah Gibbs
5. Anderson Little
5. Lucas Graves
5. Ashton Vasanne
5. Kofi Cromer
5. Noah Bookman



1. Charlotte Roberts
2. Zade McGee



14-17 BOWL
1. Trey Owens
2. Shane Hambleton
3. Paxton Tarlip
4. Quinn Boutot
5. Kamron Brewer
5. Vance Hefley



18-39 BOWL
1. Cheddar Jeff
2. Matt Kabeiseman
3. Sean Garlock
4. Cooper Neil
5. Mike Sparza



40+ BOWL
1. Ric Widener (tie)
1. Nathan Ginn (tie)
1. Kofi Cromer
2. Lucas Graves
3. Parker Glow-Marino
4. Charlotte Roberts
5. Jack Roberts
5. Zade McGee



1. Anderson Little
2. Gordy Nilsen
3. Wylder Buretta
4. Shane Hambleton
5. Ashton Vasaune
5. Noah Gibbs
5. Brandon Teasdale
5. Kamron Brewer
5. Quinn Boutot
5. Noah Bookman
5. Wes Williamson
5. Wylde Monroe
5. Vance Hefley



1. Cheddar Jeff
2. Paxton Tarlip (tie)
2. Sean Garlock (tie)
3. Trey Owens
4. Nathan Ginn (tie)
4. Matt Kabeiseman (tie)
5. Ric Widener
5. Sage Spry
5. Uriah Mize
5. Alex Voymas
5. Cooper Neil
5. Cisco Gomez

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.