July Nederland Police Reports

Non-parking traffic tickets: 32
Parking tickets: 2
Miscellaneous: 14
City Ordinance: 2



On July 1, a Nederland resident reported that her cat had been purposely poisoned. She said her neighbor had sprayed weed killer in a chipmunk hole on the property, but the poison had been directed at her cat and caused it to have red eyes and a runny nose. The cat owner said the woman then cleaned off her porch and cleaned out her car so animal control would not find any evidence.


She also said the woman, and others in the building, are cocaine dealers and they wave baggies of it around the parking lot and trucks from Mexico come at night.


The officer inspected the area where the poison was allegedly sprayed and found no dead grass, as had been indicated. There was brown and dry grass everywhere and the cat owner said the poison probably had been sprayed everywhere. The neighbor denied spraying poison. She had a bird feeder and her own cat which roamed freely.


The person who made the accusations has been making complaints for years. The officer left and when he returned to the office, the cat owner was on the phone saying she had been squirted with a liquid that smelled like insect repellent. She said the officer did not give the suspect a summons and they were all high on cocaine. She said the neighbor is trying to harass her cat because it has seen them during cocaine deliveries.


The next day, a woman who also lives in the neighborhood said the cat owner had complained about the maintenance people spraying poison and that she was going to sue them. The officer concluded that, based on other information, the complainant had been lying.


On July 5, a man contacted the Nederland marshal saying he needed to get to the Gilpin County Courthouse, that he had a Gilpin Arrest Warrant. It turned out that he had an active Denver Marshal’s warrant for Failure to Appear. The man was transported to the BCSO Detention Center for processing.
On July7, a NPD officer was sent to a local business for a welfare check on a man appearing to have an illegal drug related problem. The man reported that he had been camping outside and became separated from his friend. The man went to look for him. Then BCSO informed the officer that someone had used the emergency phone saying they needed law enforcement. It is believed it was the same person.


An hour later a business owner contacted the NPD saying someone had stolen three instruments from outside the building. The instruments were found, clearly ripped from the wall. The officer said he would look for the man, who was admitting he took them, and said his dad would pay for them. The officer issued the man a summons for Criminal Mischief.


A few minutes later the officer was sent to another business whose owner said the glass on her door was scratched, flower heads ripped off, a green house panel was damaged and prayer flags were ripped down. Also, a 20-pound bag of ice melt was dropped from an upper floor, hitting a storage freezer. The ice melt broke and slid into the back of the compressor. Descriptions of the men matched those of the other suspects.


When the officer talked to the man, he admitted hitting several locations where he moved items, urinated a few places and tried to break in to find a place to sleep. The man was issued another summons and advised that he would probably not be welcomed back in town.


On July 13, a Ned officer saw a man loading an ice chest loaded with drinks and ice cream from a car at a local business. The next day, the officer was contacted by a town employee who said that a mess had been left behind from the party. The cooler had been abandoned and there was a sign saying happy 16th birthday party.


The officer contacted the person who had delivered the items and he admitted he was supposed to clean it up. A meeting was held to discuss the incident and it was resolved.


On July 15, an officer was sent to investigate a report of a person with a broken leg. He was flagged down by a group of mountain bike riders who told him that one rider had crashed over the edge of the road and his leg was broken. It was a steep and narrow trail and when the rider realized he was going to crash, he jumped from the bike. He told the others he could feel his leg break. The Nederland Fire Protection District arrived and transported the man up the hill and then took him to Boulder Community Hospital.


On July 18, the Ned PD was contacted to responded to a domestic disturbance. The officer learned that a father had taken his daughter. The officers searched the area but didn’t find them. BCSO began a cell phone “ping” trace on the suspect’s phone. The officer went to the residence and noticed a man sweeping broken glass and a woman sitting on a sofa.


He was told that the woman came home and got in an argument, which escalated and the woman grabbed her daughter and was leaving the apartment when the suspect blocked her. He grabbed her hair and pulled the girl from the woman’s arms and left in the woman’s car.


The man was located up the Eldora Shelf Road. His story was different. He said he didn’t want the woman taking the daughter because she had been drinking. They struggled over the girl and finally the woman let go and the man left. The officer determined that no crime had been committed.


On July 21, a Nederland resident reported that a neighbor had excavated into his property and built a six foot fence. He said he had the property surveyed recently. When the officer walked the fence line he saw the frame of a greenhouse where the excavation had taken place. There were three rows of 40-gallon pots with one to two 12” -18” marijuana plants, more than what is legal.


The officer left a business card for the owner of the property. He found that the fence appeared to be in violation as well as the greenhouse structure and a report was forwarded to SAFEbuilt.


The neighbor is asking to have the fence, posts and concrete removed and have any excavation restored and landscaped.


On July 24, a man walked into the NPD saying there was a warrant for him and he wanted to surrender and pay bond. He posted a $500 bond and was released with a court date.


On June 26, a man reported a fraudulent theft of $1,500 by an Xcel Energy scam. He said he had received calls from a man who represented himself as an Xcel energy employee and was collecting on a non-payment of a utility bill. He had detailed information about the man’s place of business.


The business owner believed him and when the man offered to reduce the amount owed to Xcel, the owner followed the instructions to go to King Sooper’s and buy two Green Dot Cash cards with the provided code numbers. The owner realized it was a scam and gave the information to the NPD. When the officer called the number of the “representative,” he hung up when he was told it was an officer. The officer was unable reach anyone at the numbers and determined that they had been “spoofed,” cloned and redirected.


On July 27, a public works employee reported the theft of two No Parking signs that had been recently installed on the north side of Hwy.110. The signs and posts were two square inches of galvanized steel stock and 10” by 16” aluminum sign, valued at $160 each.


On July 26, a Ned officer was asked to investigate a “fraud call.” A woman said her husband was almost the victim of a fraud by phone. He had been called by a male with a deep voice and a southern accent that there was a warrant out for his arrest and he had missed jury duty. The officer identified himself as a Boulder County Sheriff’s lieutenant saying that the man needed to pay a fine of $500 and the only way he could do that was to drive to a Walgreens, purchase money pack cards and call Sergeant Ben Weber and give him the transaction number. He was told that a new court date would be given to him and once he showed up in court the charges would be dropped and his money refunded.


When the man’s wife said she was going to call a lawyer, she was told that if she wanted to file a complaint, she should file one against the system. After that the man began calling every 15 minutes, she decided something wasn’t right and she called the sheriff’s dispatch and was told to call the Ned police. The woman was a victim of phone harassment and based on the likelihood that the suspect is out of state, no further investigation of charges will be sought.