And so it begins…

Barbara Lawlor, Gilpin County.  On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Gilpin County School buses pulled up in front of the main entrance of the school just a few minutes before 8 a.m.The school bus doors were flung open and children scrambled down the steps and then ran up the steps to the school.

There was little lingering. Some parents came early and took a few minutes to catch a photo commemorating another milestone in their child’s life. The students leaned forward in their march towards the first day of school, weighed down by their packed backpacks, supplies and other equipment they needed for their education
Little ones heading into the large building for the first time clung shyly to their parents knees. Older elementary school students ran toward the school, eager to see their friends and teachers after the summer vacation. Lots of hugs, jumping up and down and shrieking with joy.


High school students were casual, heading into the school with a “been here, done this” demeanor. They bumped knuckles and shared selfies.

There are 460 K-12 students attending GCS this year.


Kindergartner Isabel Moore has been anticipating going to school for a long time and even planned on wearing her “Frozen” dress on the first day of school, holding it up as she climbed rocks on the way to the entrance. Her mom said, “She is so excited to be here.”

Fifth grader Colton Burlingame wore a spiffy hat to celebrate his last year of elementary school. He said, “I am not really glad to be back at school because I had a great summer going to Disneyland in California.”


But all good things come to an end, and all summers end with the first day of school and all the teachers and all the books and all the sports and music and plays and computers and projects.

Another school year in Gilpin County.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.