Champs move into first place

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  After the end of the third week of play, The Champs jumped ahead of the Blue Sox in a 10-8 win. Both of the teams went into the game undefeated and the Champs prevailed, giving them a 6-0 record with the Blue Sox on their heels, 6-1.

The 2017 Gilbillies Top row, from left: Dillon weaver, Anthony Sineni, Zach Meyer, ,Chad Jourdan and Wyatt Wales; Bottom row: Sean Cook, John Cook, Hope Weaver, Amanda Brown, Des Tanur, Summer Knight and Hillary Kysar.

The two teams are widening the gap between them and the three teams that are scrambling to break away from the pack. It is anybody’s season.


Also last week, the Ned’s and the Players each won a game, taking them out of the no-win category. The Players, now known as the Gilbillies, are a combination of the old Players and the Misfits, each team having lost a bunch of members who retired after many years of competition.


Hilary Kysar has taken on the responsibility of leading the team. She also plays on two Boulder teams as do several other Gilpin Softball players. Four nights a week, Hilary is on a baseball field somewhere.


“We are kind of a young team and we are rising, all the way to the top. We hung in there with the Champs last week, losing 12-13, which gives us great hope that we can continue winning. Dillon hit an in-park home run and Chad and Hope both hit a triple.”


John Cook who has been a member of the Misfits for five years had two hits for the night. He says he used to play a lot of baseball but stopped when he was 35, picking it up again when he was 55.



Last week’s scores are:
Tuesday, June 13:
6 p.m.: Gilbillies-18, Ned’s- 6
7 p.m.: Acers-13, Ned’s- 1
Thursday, June 15:
6 p.m., Gilbillies- 12, Champs-13;
7 p.m. Champs-10, Blue Sox- 8
Coed Softball Standings



Week 3
• Champs- 6-0
• Blue Sox- 6-1
• Acers- 3-2
• Players- 1-6
• Ned’s- 1-7


(Originally published in the June 22, 2017 print edition of The Mountain-Ear.)

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.