NMSHS music and theater awards

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  On Saturday, May 13, members of the Nederland High School Band and Orchestra earned First Place in the Full Orchestra 1A Division at the Festival of Music at Elitches.


Also on Saturday the Nederland Middle Level Orchestra won Fourth Place in the 1A String Orchestra Division at the Festival of Music at Elitches.

It was a big weekend for the Nederland Middle Senior High School Theater and Music program. Before the trip to Elitches, on Friday night, the annual awards for musicians and thespians were presented at the high school. After an entire school year of learning, rehearsing and performing in four concerts, fall plays and the spring musical, it was time to honor the students for their dedication and talent, which makes NMSHS music program one of the best in the country.


Directors Liz Evans and Kristine Mallory presented the music awards. Evans said that 130 students had been involved in the music program, almost half of the enrollment.

Outstanding Sixth Grade Musicians: Skylar Abookier and Ande Hammers
Outstanding Seventh Grade Musicians: Natalie Taylor and Fiona Higgins
Outstanding Eighth Grade Musicians: Maya Beauvineau and Meagan Figgins
Outstanding Freshman Musicians: Ellie Brewer, Hadley Zotti and Jamie Lammers
Outstanding Sophomore Musicians: Sasha Godsil, Logan Mitchell and Olivia Greeley
Outstanding Junior Musicians: William Culver and Sari Lund
Outstanding Senior Musician: Mariah Ingraham


National Choral Award: Mariah Ingraham; National Orchestra Award: Elenor Scott; John Phillip Sousa Award: Courtney Clemmer
The Fall Play Awards were presented by director Liz Evans and student directors Sasha Godsil, Emily Albright, Jamie Lammers, Hayley Turner, Hattie Bakke and Mazie Pancoast.

Fall one act plays included: It’s About Time, And the Giants Fell, Skid Marks, The Accident and They Lived.


The Best Supporting Actor Award went to Abby Lanthier; The Best Supporting Actress went to Elenor Scott; The Best Actor went to William Culver; The Best Actress went to Alexandra Beruman-Gonzales.

The Spring Musical: The Addams Family was a spectacular success. Directors Liz Evans, Josh Lake, Ki Goodman and Kathy Bremers presented the awards.
The Tech Award for the Rookie of the Year went to Tatum Zotti; The Technician of the Year Award went to Xoli Hatwan.


The Costume Award went to Marguerite Bradley; The Dance Award went to Townes Bakke; The Ready, Willing and Able Oscar went to Hadley Turner, Zotti and Meagan Figgins; The Teachable and Adapting Oscar went to Hattie Bakke; Oh What a Character Oscar went to Kevin Merz and Ellie Brewer; the Best Ensemble Award went to Hayley Turner and Emily Albright.


The Best Supporting Actor Oscar was won by Jamie Lammers; The Best Supporting Actress Oscar went to Sasha Godsil; The Best Actress was Hayley Turner and the Best Actor in a Male Role award was won by Emily Albright.

A special presentation took place for Kathy Bremers, who announced that this was the last show she would direct. She has also been the stage mother, the costume maker, the counselor and the makeup advisor, for decades. A video of all the productions that Kathy worked with was created and shown in Kathy’s honor.


Senior musicians/thespians: Kevin Merz, Elenor Scott, Mariah Ingraham and Courtney Clemmer were presented with orchids by Liz Evans, carrying on a long tradition of giving the graduating seniors flowers or plants.

(Originally published in the May 18, 2017 print edition of The Mountain-Ear.)

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.