Mountain Spirit Astrology : The Moon

Karen Anderson, Nederland.  “What sign are you?” The twelve astrological archetypes are centered around Sun sign astrology. The Sun journeys through each sign in one year, spending one month with Cancer, for example, the current birthday celebrant.



The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, and she is a quick mover. She visits each of the twelve signs in one month, as a slender crescent or a plump full moon. This effervescent movement allows the Moon Children to be changeable. Let’s look at how the Moon interacts with each sign.


Aries- The first sign of the zodiac is ruled by the god of sports and action, Mars. When you interact with the changeable moon, you are quick and decisive. Emotions run high when the Sun is in Cancer, so honor your feelings and celebrate them over the course of the next ten days.



Taurus- Venus, the goddess of love, is the directress for you, Taurus. Her sensitivities work well with the movements of the moon. Allow the sentiments of the moon to guide your artistic sensibilities while the Sun is visiting Cancer. Opportunities abound for you in the week ahead.



Gemini- Quick moving Gemini appreciates the changeability of the Moon, the ruler of the current sign in the center of the stars, Cancer. Remember to allow time to dive into your emotions. The oceanic sign of the Moon Children will be your underwater guide.



Cancer- The Moon is your guide in the ocean of life. You have the gift of feeling your emotions thoroughly. Honor your feelings and express them in art, music, and the dance of partnership with those dear to you. Your effervescent emotions are inspiring for everyone this week.



Leo- The Sun and the Moon are the great luminaries in the sky. The Sun, symbol of the self, is your guide, granting you vitality. Now, under the direction of Cancer and the Moon, you are able to honor your feelings as well as your mind, and then integrate them comfortably into your life.



Virgo- The intelligent sign of Virgo is governed by Mercury, the mind. Now that Cancer is in the center of the stars, you are able to experience a rainbow of emotions. It’s Summer and life is light hearted and you have the opportunity to be so as well. Trust your intuition this week.



Libra- Light and love and laughter are the domain of artistic Libra. You welcome summer and friendships and patio parties. You are integrating Venus, your gracious ruler, with the Moon, the ruler of the start of summer, as you blend social events and warm hearted emotions.



Scorpio- The powerful sign of Scorpio is integrating the transformative cycles that you have endured over the past years. Cancer and the Moon allow you to feel deep emotions. You are experiencing the incredible lightness of being that the summer is offering as you move ahead.



Sagittarius- The enthusiasm of your ruling planet, Jupiter, works well with the emotional energy of the Moon. Your optimism is spiritual at its core, with the understanding of the joys that life brings, interlaced with its sorrows. Living in the moment is one of your Summertime gifts.



Capricorn- Your amorous opposite, Cancer, is under the sway of the emotional Moon. You, in balance, have the stern direction of your ruling planet, Saturn, to guide you. The Lord of the Rings provides form this week, while the Moon fills in the colors of feelings for you.



Aquarius- The scientific sign of Aquarius welcomes the emotions of the Moon. You feel the warmth and colors, radiating from the effervescent Moon. You could visualize a luminous blue moonstone, allowing this image to enter your consciousness and integrate with your fine mind.



Pisces- Neptune, the God of the oceans, is your guiding star. You blend exquisitely with the Moon, the ruler of Cancer, your fellow water sign. Picture the Moon shining on the waters of a lake, or on one of the seven seas. Your intuition is one of your most valued possessions.



Karen Anderson is available for readings at 303-258-7258.


Karen Anderson is available for readings at 303-258-7258.