Equestrian Play Day draws locals

The next Play Day is Saturday, July 15 at 9 a.m. at the Gilpin County Fair Grounds.






Results from June 10 Play Day.


Western Equitation
Aubrey Allen, Buddy, 1st

Allison Hardt-Zeman, Lucky, 1st

Barbara Hardt, Tonto, 1st
Jeff Fruth, Peppy, 2nd



English Equitation
Jeff Fruth, Shiloh, 1st


Western Horsemanship
Aubrey Allen, Buddy, 1st

Allison Hardt-Zeman, Lucky, 1st

Jeff Fruth, Peppy, 1st
Barbara Hardt, Tonto, 2nd



English Horsemanship
Jeff Fruth, Shiloh, 1st



10 & Under
49.62, Brylee Deray, Lucy, 1st

24.608, Allison Hardt-Zeman, Lucky, 1st
47.6, Aubrey Allen, Buddy, 2nd
52.908, William Siegrist, Sandy, 3rd

18.137, Ali Nelson, Lucy, 1st
18.48, Mazie Deray, Monster, 2nd
20.37, Mazie Deray, Bonnie, 3rd
21.562, Jeff Fruth, Peppy, 4th
23.6, Heidi Morgan, Shadow, 5th
28.93, Art Morisset, Montana, 6th
29.678, Barbara Hardt, Tonto, 7th
32.21, Maggie Demers, Gypsy Gold, 8th
38.2, Heather Newman, Apache, 9th
42.871, Laurie Siegrist, Sandy, 10th
54.59, Katy Morisset, Mazie, 11th
61.47, AnnMarie Fruth, Shiloh, 12th



10 & Under
65.1, Brylee Deray, Lucy, 1st

36.281, Allison Hardt-Zeman, Lucky, 1st
50.56, William Siegrist, Sandy, 2nd
76.7, Aubrey Allen, Buddy, 3rd

28.123, Ali Nelson, Lucy, 1st
29.5, Mazie Deray, Monster, 2nd
32.66, Stewart Schultz, Zip, 3rd
33.15, Mazie Deray, Bonnie, 4th
34.98, Heidi Morgan, Shadow, 5th
40.84, Laurie Siegrist, Sandy, 6th
42.9, Art Morisset, Montana, 7th
51.36, Heather Newman, Apache, 8th
53.05, Barbara Hardt, Tonto, 9th
85.33, AnnMarie Fruth, Shiloh, 10th



Speed Ball
10 & Under
26.41, Brylee Deray, Monster/Lucy, 1st

14.23, Allison Hardt-Zeman, Lucky, 1st
23.84, William Siegrist, Sandy, 2nd
35.38, Aubrey Allen, Buddy, 3rd

10.86, Jeff Fruth, Peppy, 1st
13.28, Mazie Deray, Bonnie, 2nd
14.81, Art Morisset, Montana, 3rd
16.47, Stewart Schultz, Zip, 4th
17.081, Heidi Morgan, Shadow, 5th
24.81, Heather Newman, Apache, 6th
27.09, Ali Nelson, Lucy, 7th
29.37, Barbara Hardt, Tonto, 8th



10 & Under
14.71, Brylee Deray, Lucy, 1st

10.656, Allison Hardt-Zeman, Lucky, 1st
17.68, William Siegrist, Sandy, 2nd
26.43, Aubrey Allen, Buddy, 3rd

7.22, Jeff Fruth, Peppy, 1st
7.91, Ali Nelson, Lucy, 2nd
8.91, Heidi Morgan, Shadow, 3rd
9.63, Art Morisset, Montana, 4th
10.06, Barabara Hardt, Tonto, 5th
11, Mazie Deray, Bonnie, 6th
12.4, Laurie Siegrist, Sandy, 7th
12.86, Stewart Schultz, Zip, 8th
13.77, Maggie Demers, Gypsy Gold, 9th
14.29, Heather Newman, Apache, 10th
21.86, Katy Morisset, Mazie, 11th
22.28, AnnMarie Fruth, Shiloh, 12th