Central City repays water fund loans

John Scarffe, Central City.  The City of Central Council approved repaying a loan between the General Fund and the Water Enterprise Fund during a regular meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 2, at the City Hall, 141 Nevada Street. The Council also amended its rules of procedure.

City Manager Daniel Miera introduced a resolution approving a plan for full repayment of the loan from the General Fund to the Water Enterprise Fund, according to meeting minutes. He reviewed the budget numbers, which provide for a repayment plan and payment schedule to service the loan obligation of the Water Enterprise Fund to the General Fund.


The City has loaned funds over the years from the General Fund to the Water Enterprise Fund for operational and capital expenses, Miera said. To-date, the loan amount has reached $1,411,188.


Fiscal Year 2017 is the first year that the City has begun to service the loan obligation. The repayment plan includes transfers and payments between the two funds, but the transactions are designed to safeguard and maintain the Water Fund’s enterprise status, Miera said. The repayment plan is subject to change as necessary, and always subject to annual appropriation by the City Council.


A transfer grant of $60,000 from the General Fund is proposed to be made to the Water Fund in 2017, Miera said, and a loan payment of $70,000 is proposed to be made by the Water Fund to the General Fund.


City Attorney McAskin introduced an ordinance to revise the rules to incorporate. The ordinance, which was discussed at the April 18, 2017, work session, proposes revisions to the City Council Rules of Procedure. Specifically, the ordinance states: “In the event a question of proper parliamentary procedure arises during a meeting, the Mayor and City Council may rely upon ‘Rosenberg’s Rules of Order.’”


As set forth in Rule 5, the Mayor will make all parliamentary rulings with advice, if requested, from the city manager or city attorney, who act as advisory parliamentarians. The minor revisions to the rules addressed in Ordinance 17-04 include adding Rule 2 to incorporate “Rosenberg’s Rules of Order” as a reference point for parliamentary procedure, a minor change to Rule 4 changing the word “activate” to “announce,” and renumbering the balance of the current rules to account for the insertion of new Rule 2.


Mayor Pro Tem Shirley Voorhies moved to appoint Barbara Thielemann as alternate on the Historic Preservation Commission, according to the minutes. In discussion, Alderman Mary Bell offered that it would be good to get new people on the commission.


Alderman Jeff Aiken added that a long time resident is his preference. When Mayor Kathy Heider called the question, the motion carried, four votes to one with Alderman Bell voting no. The Council also appointed Cherise Rainbolt as alternate to the Main Street Commission.


Mayor Heider gave her “100 Days Report,” according to the minutes. In summary, the job of mayor is much harder than she expected, but the Council has passed 16 resolutions and three ordinances.


The City also installed a beautiful fence at the cemeteries with half of the funding from Gilpin County and made progress on the Comp Plan/Zoning/Design Guidelines project, a draft of a Resiliency Plan and hosted the Enterprise Zone forum for economic opportunities for local businesses. “We are making Central City great again,” Heider said.
The Council met on May 16.


(Originally published in the May 18, 2017 print edition of The Mountain-Ear.)