Buckle Series begins

Barbara Lawlor
Gilpin County

In the summer the horse trailers line up at the Gilpin County arena as kids and adults alike unload their horses, check their tack and calm their teammates, the ones that will carry them to victory, or not.

The annual summer gymkhana series is the proving ground for work riders engage in all year round: the training that makes them a team with their mounts; the fitness that counts during the events.

Last Saturday, the first of the Gilpin County Buckle Series started out with victories, upsets and a bit of drama.

In the 11 and under category, Mirabelle Holmgren was the high point winner; in the 12 to 17 category, Allison Hardt-Zeman was the high point winner; in the 18 to 39 category, Ali Nelson was the high point winner; in the 40 and over, Stuart Schultz was the high point winner.

Reserve Champions were Mackenzie Weber, Abby Norman, Heide Morgan, Mazi Brooks and Barbara Hardt.

Not only do the equestrians demonstrate the finer points of horsemanship, they also let it all out in the arena as they race around barrels at top speed and plant flags while in precarious positions.

It is a great time to observe the communication and trust between a horse and its rider.



11 and Under
1st Mirabelle Holmgren
2nd Mackenzie Weber
3rd Aubrey Allen

12 to 17
1st Allison Hardt-Zeman
2nd Harrel Hirsh
3rd Abby Norman

18 to 39
1st Heide Morgan
2nd Ali Nelson

40 and up
1st Denise Arthur
2nd Barbara Hardt
3rd Stuart Schultz


11 and under
1st Mirabelle Holmgren 35.962
2nd Mackenzie Weber 38.46
3rd Aubrey Allen 58.573

12 to 17
1st Allison Hardt-Zeman 21.644
2nd Harrel Hirsh 29.406
3rd Abby Norman 31.067

18 to 39
1st Mazi Brooks 17.583
2nd Ali Nelson 18.34
3rd Rebecca Allen 38.63
4th Cody Allen 42.367

40 and up
1st Stuart Schultz 22.196
2nd Barbara Hardt 24.314
3rd Denise Arthur 29.00

Flag Race
11 and Under
1st Mackenzie Weber 21.121
2nd Mirabelle Holmgren 32.624

12 to 17
1st Allison Hardt-Zeman 16.001
2nd Abby Norman 23.994

18 to 39
1st Mazi Brooks 16.354
2nd Ali Nelson 22.331
3rd Heide Morgan 84.481

40 and up
1st Stuart Schultz 16.914
2nd Denise Arthur 21.736
3rd Barbara Hardt 31.258

Pole Bending
11 and under
1st Mackenzie Weber 52.504
2nd Mirabelle Holmgren 58.841
3rd Aubrey Allen 83.928

12 to 17
1st Allison Hardt-Zeman 33.007
2nd Abby Norman 41.162

18 to 39
1st Ali Nelson 28.665
2nd Heide Morgan 40.488
3rd Cody Allen 50.649

40 and up
1st Stuart Schultz 30.034
2nd Barbara Hardt 37.112
3rd Denise Arthur 38.17

11 and under
1st Mirabelle Holmgren 24.005
2nd Mackenzie Weber 24.713
3rd Aubrey Allen 34.997

12 to 17
1st Abby Norman 15.894
2nd  Harrel Hirsh 16.287
3rd Allison Hardt-Zeman 16.695

18 to 39
1st Mazi Brooks 8.672
2nd Ali Nelson 10.66
3rd Heide Morgan 18.74
4th Cody Allen 25.274

40 and up
1st Barbara Hardt 11.568
2nd Stuart Schultz 11.874
3rd Denise Arthur 12.349

High Point Winner
11 and under
Mirabelle Holmgren 23 points
12 to 17
Allison Hardt-Zeman 23 points
18 to 39
Ali Nelson 21 points
40 and up
Stuart Schultz 22 points

Reserve Champion
11 and under
Mackenzie Weber 22 points
12 to 17
Abby Norman 19 points
18 to 39
Heide Morgan 15 points
Mazi Brooks 15 points
40 and up
Barbara Hardt 20 points

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.