March Nederland Police Reports

March was a busy month for Nederland traffic officers who handed out 62 non-parking tickets and 14 parking tickets. There were five city ordinance summons and 11 miscellaneous summons.

On March 9, a Nederland officer was sent out on a reported trespass call. A woman said that a dump truck pulled into her driveway with the end tail end of the truck in the road and two men got out and began walking toward the cemetery. When the woman called to them asking them if they knew they were parked on private property, one of the men said yes. When she asked him why, he told her he thought the house was an abandoned shack.

The woman requested a report be taken. The officer noticed that there is no good parking place on the road but there was a wide part on the woman’s property which has been used for parking. The town has put up steel posts to designate the road from her property.

On March 10, a woman came to the NPD to report an incident that occurred on Feb. 27. She said she was taking care of a friend’s dog and found its leash on the porch, cut several times. This happened twice. There were no signs that the leash had been broken from tension or being caught on something and they had no potential suspects.

On March 17, a Nederland officer noticed a vehicle traveling north on the highway with no license plates. When he stopped the driver, he found the man had a warrant out for his arrest for a FTA out of Boulder.  He placed the man under arrest and took him to the Boulder County Jail.

On March 20, when a NPD officer responded to the scene of a reported disturbance, he was told the suspect had just left. One of the witnesses said he had just come home from work when he found his front door unlocked. When he went inside, he found a man lying on his couch. He went upstairs to ask his roommate why there were people on the couch. An argument began and the suspect grabbed the victim by the shirt collar near his neck and shouted at him and may have punched him. He said he was in pain in his chest area.

The two roommates said they left the house, and as they were walking down the street, the suspect drove after them. The victim said the man almost hit them but the other witnesses said they had not seen that happen. There was a disagreement about whether the roommate had hit the man and the officer ended up giving him a summons for harassment.

On March 21, an officer responded to a report of indecent exposure. A woman said she had been speaking to a man about a contract when she had to leave for about 20 minutes. She left her cell phone. A few days later she found two photos of a penis in the phone gallery. The photos were stamped and tagged with the address and time of when she had been talking to the man. The officer decided there was no criminal violation.

On March 22, a man contacted the NPD saying he wanted to turn himself in on a number of warrants issued for his arrest. He was taken into custody and transported to the Boulder County Jail.

On March 27, a local business reported a theft in progress, saying the man had stolen a plant and was running away. The officer saw the man running carrying a large wooden stick. When the officer told him to stop and get on the ground, the man complied. The officer found a large, sheathed fixed bladed knife and a folding pocket knife on the suspect.

The suspect did not have the plant with him and a witness went to look for it. The suspect said he had asthma and couldn’t breathe but a medical check revealed he did not. The man admitted he had taken some camping sterno for his stove. The store owners gave the suspect a no trespass notice and an invoice for $120 in fees and stolen goods. He was issued a summons for theft.