Snow Impacts Campgrounds on Forests and Grassland

Reghan Cloudman, Public Affairs Specialist, Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland.


This week’s winter weather has delayed the opening of some campgrounds and closed others previously open due to access issues and safety concerns. Some areas are without electricity. The latest campground information is listed below.
Campgrounds previously opened that are now closed:

*         Ansel Watrous

*         Stove Prairie

*         Cold Springs

Campgrounds scheduled to open this weekend that will remained closed:

*         Big Bend

*         Camp Dick

*         Peaceful Valley

*         Olive Ridge

*         Kelly Dahl

*         Columbine

*         West Chicago

*         Pickle Gulch

The following campgrounds are still open, but some sites have deep snow; soft, muddy road conditions; standing water, and electrical services may not be available:

*         Crow Valley

*         Dowdy Lake

*         Stillwater

*         Green Ridge

*         Sunset Point

Over two feet of snow has fallen in some areas of the forest. If heading to the Forests this weekend, expect to find deep snow on roads, parking areas and trails. Melting snow will produce soft, muddy roads and standing water in areas. Make safety your top priority when heading into the forest. Check weather before heading out. Remember your safety is your responsibility.


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