Kids’ eye view of moms

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  Remember when you would look up at your parents and they seemed like giants? How a cookie could change your day, how moms knew the answers to everything? Funny how that view changes as you get older: your parents get shorter, cookies can’t soothe teen angst and moms, well, moms don’t seem to know anything.

But there is a point when children are little, when they are preschoolers, when their faces brighten as they talk about their moms. On Monday, at the Little Bear Preschool, the kids were beginning to make Mother’s Day presents and were eager to describe their moms.


Elise Brenick, 5
“My mom is 44 years old and has black hair and blonde skin. She likes to wear fancy dresses that I like. She is the boss of her work in Boulder. The best part of her is that she hugs and kisses me and gives me candy and chicken pot pie. For Mother’s Day, I want to get her earrings and lots of jewels and I want to take her to the Grand Canyon.”



Jade Padmore, 4
“l don’t know how old my mom is but she’s not too old. She’s kind just like me and my dad and my brother. She looks just like my dad. She likes to wear black dresses and she likes to go into the deep water where she can swim. She makes good meatballs and puts some sauce in for me so it’s not spicy. I want to get her a phone because her other one is weird. My mom’s name is mommy.”




Madison Miller, 4
“I’m not sure how old my mom is but she’s not a teenager. She’s just like, she’s my mom. She’s just right, kind of like the same as me. She broke her pinky and a tendon but she’s getting better. Her favorite clothes are wearing normal pants, like mine, not jeans, because they are more comfortable. She likes to play toy cars with me and before Mother’s Day is my dance recital so I’ll get her a present after it’s over.”



Max Wrobel, 5
“My mom is a woman age and I call her mommy. She has long blonde hair and I think she’s pretty. I like it when she cooks chicken noodle soup and I think she would like anything we could get her for Mother’s Day.”

Corbin Coile, 5
“My mom looks just like my mom, that’s all. But she has brown hair that’s short because she just got a haircut a few days ago and she got a microwave; no, she got a thing that blows her hair. She has the same kind of skin as me and she’s tall but not like my dad. I like to stay with her when it’s not a school day and we can go to Chipeta Park. She looks as pretty as my grandma. For Mother’s Day, I am going to get her a dress at Target.”




Oren Banas, 3
“I don’t remember how tall my mom is, maybe 48 inches. She is skinny, but I think maybe she’s an angel. She wears shorts, or whatever else she wants to. Tortillas are the best think she makes. I like it when she hangs out with me and reads me Curious George. For Mother’s Day, I will take her to the swimming pool in Gilpin, or maybe Boulder and give her some candy.”

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.