Gilpin School students raise Italy trip funds

    John Scarffe, Gilpin County.   Six students in the Gilpin County Schools, along with teachers and parents, organized a fundraiser at Roy’s Last Shot on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, for a trip to Italy during Spring Break 2018. Carol Murray with the Schools’ foreign travel group said the students will be flying into Milan and then traveling down country to cities such as Rome, Pompeii and Capri.

Murray said it will be the ninth trip for Gilpin County students, and she just returned from a trip to the Galapagos. To train for her position with the schools, Murray did a four-day intensive tour in Rome that involved 75 walking miles in two days.

Students eligible for the trip must be in ninth through twelfth grades and have grades of ‘C’ or better. Murray touches base with the students on an individual basis throughout the year because they all participate in sports. They have a final meeting before leaving on the trip.

The trip will cost about $3,600 for each student and is all inclusive of air fares, hotels, food, transportation and tour guides. The students will only have to provide some lunches and souvenirs, Murray said. “You can’t beat this price.”
The 10-day trip is through EF Tours, Education First, and will expose the students to history, local customs, flora and fauna and money exchange, Murray said. “Many of these students have never left the state or been in an airport, so they will learn how to navigate an airport.”

During the fundraiser at Roy’s, the students were also learning how to be good waitresses and waiters. The dinner and a soft drink cost $15 per person, and the menu included steak Italiana, lemon chicken with garlic, carrots and broccoli, sausage, scampi, Marinara meatballs, snap peas, roasted red pepper and mushrooms.
Eighth-grader Eli Bayoud said he thinks the trip will be cool because he wants to travel a lot more. He has been to Costa Rica and Ireland but that was a long time ago. “Italy seems like a nice place.”
Ninth-grader Bailey Hobson-Kroll said her mother was adopted and has an Italian heritage, but she doesn’t know much about her background. She has never been abroad before. “This means a lot. It’s a very new experience.”
Ninth-grader Alicia Johnson has not been abroad before, but her sister went on a trip to Europe, and that sparked her interest. “It’s such a great opportunity to go on an international trip. I’m really excited.”

Junior Cicely Lepro is excited about the trip because her grandfather’s family is Italian. “They have that vibe,” she said. This will be her first trip overseas, but she hopes to travel during the summers through all of Europe after she graduates. “I really want to go there.”
Ninth grader Isabel Szucs said the trip is more about expanding her knowledge about the culture. She did some research on Pompeii and Italian foods but has never traveled abroad before. “It will be a new experience. I’m excited about the travel as well as visiting Italy.”
Junior Josh Trujillo has never traveled before. “This will be a cool experience to see the world, learn a lot and have lots of fun.”

According to the EF flyer distributed at the fundraiser, “In Italy, you can travel through thousands of years of history to witness some of humankind’s most transformative moments. Ancient Roman advances in engineering made the Colosseum possible. At the Duomo in Renaissance Florence, the world took its first steps out of the Dark Ages, and Venice’s Grand Canal was at the heart of one of the world’s great naval powers.”
Laura Hobson reported that the students raised $2,141 that night at Roy’s, “so it was a success.”



Next Italy fundraiser set



The next fundraiser for Gilpin County students planning a trip to Italy will be at Roy’s Last Shot on Tuesday, May 16, from 5 to 8 p.m. Tickets will cost $15 for adults and $10 for children under 10.