Feed Store settles into new location

   Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.   When Abby and Adam Pause say they are going to do something, they get it done, no matter what or weather. After receiving the go ahead from the town at the last Nederland Board of Trustees meeting, the couple began the arduous project of moving everything out of their present Feed and Pet Store location to their new building across the street.

They had planned to make it an event, to have a gala feed store moving party on the weekend of the 22nd-23rd, but Nederland, being Nederland, was besieged in a spring snow blizzard that canceled many events and kept most people home, hunkered down by a fire.

Adam says about eight people hauled all the bags and cans and barrels of feed across the street in a handcart. As one shelf was emptied it was carried to its new location to be filled.

The space, previously occupied by Dr. Fix It’s car repair shop was, as to be expected, covered with the oily grime of the business, shadowed by vehicles up on the racks and filled with car parts and tires.

The entrance is where the shop entrance used to be, with a lighted paws open sign, but inside, the space is open, well-lit and organized to be shopper friendly.


The extra space has allowed Abby and Adam to expand their products, adding some new dog and cat food products from Boulder businesses including Bixbi Treats and Under the Sun cat food.

Adam says, “Now the big animals’ food is in the same place as the dog and cat food so people cans see what we have in stock. I used to work hard on writing the names neatly on the chalkboard, but this makes it easier to shop. We had a vision, we saw what we could do with the space and it has worked out fine.”
With the present layout, large bags of horse food and chicken grain can be moved from inside to the parking lot for easy loading. Previously, the couple had feed stored in separate sheds and the barn.

All week long, friends and customers have stopped by to check out the new store and their typical reaction has been “Wow!” says Adam, as they enter the building.

Some of them came to get the free rolled up bags for dog waste and many more have showed up to say hi to Gertie Rose, the eight-week-old Border Collie puppy that will be the store dog. When their son Franklin was two, he was the official store greeter for a while but then he got a life and is too busy to hang out at the store.


Gertie was part of a litter that was being delivered from Texas that was listed on Craigslist. On Easter Sunday, Adam and Abby drove to Idaho Springs to pick up the most adorable puppy in the world and bring her back to Nederland.

So whether it’s to gawk at the new shop, check out the new treats or pet Gertie for a few minutes, or for an hour or at least until it’s nap time, come say hi.

“We haven’t left altogether,” says Adam, “Don’t think we’ve left town.” He says they will have a grand opening in the near future.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.