TECH TRENDS: Phishing Expeditions

Gail Eddy

There’s another threat out there. It’s a Phishing Expedition. Several of our clients have already fallen for it.  It comes by way of an email which appears to be from a trusted friend or business associate.  They want you to take a look at a document on DropBox. It looks legit, plus, you’ve gotten documents from this email contact before.

So, you click on the link to look at the DropBox document. Except it’s not from your friend, and in that brief moment, you’ve given access of your entire email contact list to the Phishers.

As soon as you figure out what has happened, it is important to change the passwords for all of your email accounts immediately. Here are some ideas for creating a really strong password.  You should also run your virus scanner.

How do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you?

  1. Before opening any attachments, make sure the email is actually from your contact.  Are you expecting a document or other attachment from them? Does the text of the email message and subject “sound” like what your contact would write? If not, give them a call to see if it’s really from them.  (If it’s not, tell them to change their password and run their virus scanner ASAP.)
  2. Put a note on your calendar to change your email passwords at least once a month.
  3. Be extra careful when surfing the web or viewing posts on Social Media. Malware is being spread that way as well.

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