February Nederland Police Reports

February police reports


On Feb. 5, 2017, the Nederland Police Department responded to a local business owner who reported receiving a counterfeit $10 bill on Jan. 25. The officer watched a video that showed the transaction that took place and recognized a man who had recently appeared in court on a parking violation.


The store manager had noticed that the $10 bill appeared suspicious and a special marker pen confirmed her suspicion.


The officer notified the US Secret service about the bill. He contacted the suspect and told him the $10 was counterfeit. The man said he had no idea it was fake and had received it in change. He was embarrassed and apologetic and paid $10 to the owner of the store. At this point, there are no charges.


On Feb. 3, a woman reported that as she waited at the intersection of 4th street and Hwy. 72, her vehicle was struck by an SUV, who lost control and collided with the driver’s side rear quarter panel of her vehicle. She recognized the driver as her neighbor.


When the officer contacted the neighbor, he saw the SUV the woman described. It was damaged on the front driver’s side headlight.


When the officer checked the license plate, he was found it was stolen, but only the rear plate was stolen. The other plate belonged to the SUV, which was uninsured. When the officer talked to the suspect, he admitted that he’d had a fender bender. He couldn’t find a driver’s license. The officer learned he was wanted on a warrant out of Gilpin County and his driver’s license was suspended. The man was transported to Kelly Dahl where he was handed over to the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office.


On Feb. 4, a Ned officer saw a vehicle attempt to pass in a double yellow, no passing area, but was unable to overtake the vehicle in front of him, so the driver went back into his lane and began tailgating the other vehicle. The officer turned on his emergency lights and siren, but the driver did not respond for 300 yards.


When the man finally stopped, he almost ran over the curb and was partly in the traffic circle. When the officer talked to the driver, he noticed an odor of both marijuana and alcohol. The driver had bloodshot eyes. He said he had not been drinking. When he refused to do roadside maneuvers, the man was placed under arrest for DUI. He was transported to the Boulder County Jail.


On Feb. 15, a man called the NPD close to midnight saying he had been beat up by five or six people. As the officer approached the location of the assault, he saw a man walking and stopped to talk to him. The man said he had been asleep in a house and was awakened by the sound of a fight breaking out and heard someone yell that the cops were being called. He said he was going home, that a friend had told him he could crash at the other place, but he was going home.


The officer went to the fire station looking for the victim but he was informed that the man was in town. The officer found him lying on the ground. He said he had been invited to the house where he was offered “shrooms.” When he declined to have any, the five or six people jumped him and kicked him. The officer didn’t see any signs of being in a fight. The Nederland Fire Protection District medics arrived and the man said he had just been released from the hospital after being beat up at a restaurant in Boulder. The paramedics decided the man needed to be transported to the hospital as he was highly intoxicated and said he was kicked in the head.


There was nobody around in the house where the assault was supposed to have occurred.


On March 16, there was a report of a man taking photographs of the same house. When Ned officers arrived, they found the man who had been “assaulted.” He was dirty, disheveled, not making sense and apparently intoxicated. He said that seven men attacked him the night before. At the NPD office, the man’s mother came to be with him during the interview and he grew increasingly confused.


It was 9:30 a.m. and the man said he had half a pint of vodka and some beer. He was asked to come back in 24 hours. After they left, the mother returned saying he was out of control. The officer found a Gatorade bottle in his coat pocket filled with a clear liquid. The officer decided the man was disabled by alcohol and his mental state and was placed on a M1 hold.


A man identified as the home owner said that the victim had come to his house and was aggressive. When asked to leave, he was resistant and a confrontation ensued in which many people ended up on the ground while the man swung at everyone, trying to hit anyone. The officer closed the case as unfounded.


On Feb. 25, a juvenile claimed that her iPhone 5 had been stolen after she placed it on a table. She said some boys had messed with her and when she confronted them, they told her they had thrown it in the toilet. The boys were told to retrieve the phone. The girl placed the phone it its original position on the table and it disappeared again.


As they began to leave, they were asked to reveal where they had hidden the phone. The boys were told to leave. Officers spoke to the boy who said he thought the phone was waterproof. The officer told the boy he qualified for the Restorative Justice Program and the referral procedure began.


On Feb. 21, Nederland police officers responded to a call at the Nederland Elementary School involving a juvenile. Nothing of a criminal nature was determined.


On Feb.28, a woman contacted the NPD saying her rear license plate was missing. The vehicle had been parked in front of her house under a car cover, and she discovered the missing plate when the cover blew off. The plate was entered into CCIC as stolen.