EMR employee party benefits Ned non-profits

Barbara Lawlor, Eldora.  March 25, gray skies unloaded a few inches of new snow which turned to slush as the days warmed up. It is springtime in the Rockies and Eldora Mountain Resort plans to go out with a bunch of bangs.

On Monday, March 27, EMR general manager Brent Tregaskis met with Nederland representatives from Nederland non-profit agencies and presented them with $500 each, donations from the annual employee party.

Katrina Harms of the Carousel of Happiness; Jill Dreves of Wild Bear and Laura Fisher and Maggie May of the Nederland Food Pantry were pleased to accept the checks on behalf of their non-profits.  Laura Fisher says the money will go to providing food for children who have been in the free lunch program during the school year and could use some help over the summer.

EMR employees happily voted to give the money to these popular agencies who support local families and their children. Tregaskis told the women that he was shocked when he arrived in Nederland a year and a half ago and discovered that the resort had little rapport with the town. He is a believer of community support.

“We have the drawn the line of public donations at Nederland. We want to do things that will business into town, that will make Nederland’s economy stronger because we are here. We plan to be hyperlocal.”

Laura Fisher’s response to his statement was, “Where have you been for the last 20 years?”

Tregaskis said there are resources that haven’t been tapped into yet and he was working hard to build a better relationship with Nederland. “We’ve come a long way in breaking the wall between the resort and the town.  He said he gets hit up by non-profits every day, but he was going to work with only the local ones.

EMR employs about 80 people who live in Nederland and who are happy share their employee party funds. Katrina Harms told Tregaskis that when the resort closed one year the town, especially the businesses, really felt its absence. He says he plans to develop stronger ties with the town and will continue the conversation with the non-profits.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.