TECH TRENDS: Tech terms decoded – CPU

Gail Eddy, Nederland.  Are you as confused as I sometimes am about common Tech Terms?  I’ve done some digging to see if I can help explain CPU in non-Tech terms.

Computer Processing Unit or CPU: The CPU is a component in your computer where the actual calculations are carried out.  Here’s a good explanation from TechTerms:

“The CPU is the primary component of a computer that processes instructions. It runs the operating system and applications, constantly receiving input from the user or active software programs. It processes the data and produces output, which may be stored by an application or displayed on the screen.

“The CPU contains at least one processor, which is the actual chip inside the CPU that performs calculations. For many years, most CPU’s only had one processor, but now it is common for a single CPU to have at least two processors or “processing cores.” A CPU with two processing cores is called a dual-core CPU and models with four cores are called quad-core CPU’s. High-end CPU’s may have six (hexa-core) or even eight (octo-core) processors. A computer may also have more than one CPU, which each have multiple cores. For example, a server with two hexa-core CPU’s has a total of 12 processors.”

Which Processor do you have?

For a Mac, click on the Apple in the top left corner, then select “About this Mac”.  Finally, click on “Overview” to see your Processor.
For a Windows machine, click on the Start menu, then click on Control Panel, and finally select System.  Your System Window should look something like this:

What other technical terms do you need defined?  Let us know!

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