TECH TRENDS: Acronyms for texting

Gail Eddy, Nederland.  Are you ever mystified by some of the acronyms that show up in your text messages, or sometimes on Facebook as well?  More than once I’ve had to look up an odd string of letters to figure out what they mean.

Most of us have figured out OMG, BFF, ETA, and LOL.  Even ROTFL and LMAO are fairly common, but how about other acronyms like AAMOF, L2M, L8R, ENAT. Here’s a rundown of some of the acronyms you might see:

911 – Emergency
AAMOF – As a Matter Of Fact
AFK – Away From Keyboard
BAE – Before Anyone Else
BFF – Best Friends Forever
BRB – Be Right Back
BTW – By The Way
ENAT – Every Now And Then
ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival
FML – F* My Life
FR – For real
FTW -For the win
GTFO – Get The F* Out
GTG – Got To Go
HBD – Happy Birthday
ICYMI – In Case You Missed It
IDC – I Don’t Care
IDK – I Don’t Know
IDRK – I Don’t Really Know
ILU – I Love You
IMO – In My Opinion
IMHO – In My Humble Opinion
IMU – I Miss You
IRL – In Real Life
JC – Just Chilling
JK – Just Kidding
L2M – Listening to Music
L8R – Later
LMIRL – Let’s Meet In Real Life
LMK – Let Me Know
LOL – Laugh Out Loud
LMAO – Laughing My A** Off
LY – Love You
MY – Miss You
NMU – Not Much, You?
Noob – Newbie
NM – Nevermind
NP- No Problem
NSFW – Not Safe For Work
OMG – Oh my goodness
OMW – On My Way
PAW or PRW- Parents Are Watching
POS – Parent Over Shoulder
QT – Cutie
ROTFL – Rolling On The Floor laughing
SLAM – Stop Looking At Me
SMH – Shake My Head
SOS – Help me
STFU – Shut The F* Up
TBH – To Be Honest
TGIF – Thank Goodness It’s Friday
TMI – Too Much Information
TT4N – Ta Ta for now
TTTT – To Tell The Truth
TTYL – Talk To You Later
TMSAISTI – That’s My Story And I’m Sticking To It.
THX – Thanks
WTH – What The Heck
WYD – What are You Doing
WYM – What do You Mean
For parents wondering what their kids might be saying, here’s a list of sexting terms:
And finally, YW. (You’re welcome!)

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