Read in Ned: One Book 4 Colorado

Celine Cooper, Nederland.  In mid-April, Colorado libraries will give out nearly 75,000 copies of the same book to every four-year-old in the state as a part of the “One Book 4 Colorado” (OB4CO) initiative. This initiative is “a statewide collaboration between Lt. Governor Donna Lynne’s office, Serve Colorado, the Colorado State Library, the Colorado Department of Education, the Denver Preschool Program, the Colorado Office of Early Literacy, public and military libraries statewide, the private sector, and the nonprofit and foundation communities”. During the launch week, every four-year-old will get a copy of the same book, and libraries across the state will host events, have special guests to present the book, and conduct extensive outreach to ensure every child gets their copy.

OB4CO’s goal is to get families to enjoy and foster the five tenets of early literacy which are read, write, sing, talk and play. By giving away free books to families, parents and caregivers are encouraged to put these tenets into practice to ensure their little one(s) are ready for kindergarten and beyond.

Here at the Nederland Community Library, we will host a fun event which will highlight the book and themes presented in the book and present parents with attainable early literacy tips to incorporate into reading at home with their little one(s). Below is an infographic of the impact last year’s OB4CO had on Colorado families. As the date gets closer, we will release more information about the events, and reveal which book will be given away! For more info visit